100㎡ house decoration offer How much will it cost to renovate a 100㎡ house

When renovating a new house, many people will pay attention to the price of the house decoration . After all, in today's skyrocketing prices, house prices are rising very fast. After buying a house, there is not much money left to decorate. Today I will introduce to you the price of a 100 square meter house renovation , and how much will it cost to complete a 100 square meter house renovation ?

100㎡ house decoration offer

1. First of all, from the perspective of water circuit transformation, usually the cost of buying wires is about 1800 yuan; the cost of furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, beds, wardrobes is about 18,000 yuan, which is also related to the brand selected.

2. From the ground decoration materials, the cost is about 15,000 yuan. The new house of 100 square meters is divided, the area of ​​the living room is almost 35 square meters, the area of ​​the bedroom is almost 30 square meters, and the area of ​​the kitchen is almost 15 square meters. If you plan to lay wooden floors in the bedroom, the price will be more expensive, the price is roughly 120 yuan / ㎡, so the budget to spend is about 3300 yuan. When considering the floor decoration of the living room, you need to choose according to the personal preference of the owner. If it is very hospitable, choose a better spar floor tile, the price is about 3500 yuan. Kitchen and bathroom will be cheaper, about 600 yuan.

3. When decorating the kitchen and bathroom, it is usually done as a suspended ceiling, and then the various pipes are wrapped, otherwise it is too ugly, so the cost is about 3,000 yuan, depending on the selected materials and effects.

4. Our choice of sanitary ware is very broad. For example, if you choose a joint venture product or an imported product, the price is different. If you choose a common type of sanitary ware, the price is generally around 2000 ~ 4000 yuan.

5. Lamps also need to spend a little money, the effect required in each area is different, so the choice of lamps is also different. The main lamp in the living room is generally around 800 yuan, the bedroom is mainly soft and warm, the price is around 500 yuan, and the price of lamps in other areas is between 200 and 500 yuan. The total cost of lamps is about 2,000.

6. The hardware used in the family should not only be of moderate price, but also of inferior quality. All the hardware in the family should be controlled at about 1,000 yuan, which is almost the same, and then the switch and socket should be controlled at about 800 yuan.

7. Indoor soft decoration, including curtains, fabrics, etc., all prices add up to about 5,000 yuan.

As mentioned above, the price of a 100-square-meter renovated house is about 60,000 yuan, which is for your reference only. The specific price is also linked to personal choice.

Editor's conclusion: After reading the decoration price of a house of 100 square meters, and how much it will cost to complete a new house of 100 square meters, now you know. If you want to save the decoration budget, you must control each node before decorating the house to prevent exceeding the budget.

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