100 square meters decoration style 100 square meters decoration how to design

There are a lot of houses that will be designed first when decorating, but there are many types of styles, but the style of the house is consistent with the style of the choice. Some styles and layouts are not suitable, so it must be To choose the right style, what are the 100 square meters decoration style ? How to design 100 square meters of decoration? If you want to understand, let's take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


One, 100 square meters decoration style

1. Mediterranean style home decoration style, usually use blue and white to create a clean seaside scene, and also use some blue-rimmed shellfish to decorate the room. For families who don't like cool colors, sometimes they use large yellows to match the glow of the sun and the thriving beauty of sunflowers.

2. Southeast Asian style is full of Zen and contains deep Thai classical culture, so it gives people the characteristics: Zen, nature and freshness. The Southeast Asian style is based on original pure natural materials with a tropical jungle flavor. The original color of the natural material is maintained on the color, and most of the dark colors such as brown are visually giving a muddy and rustic atmosphere. Although the style of Southeast Asian style is strong, it must not be too messy.

3. Japanese-style decoration is related to the geographical location. Because there are many earthquakes in Japan, the houses are also short and light. Sliding doors are often used, and the furnishings are extremely simple, centered around the coffee table. Due to different living habits, there is usually no chair in the actual sense of Japanese decoration. The bedroom is also made up of tatami as a bed, and all the bedding will be collected in the closet during the day.

4. The Chinese style is mainly decorated with dark colors. The interior is mostly symmetrical, the style is elegant, the shape is simple and beautiful, and the color is strong and mature. Pursue a realm of self-cultivation. The characteristic of Chinese traditional interior decoration art is that the overall layout is symmetric and balanced, and the integrity is correct.


Second, how to design 100 square meters of decoration

1. The choice of dining area is also very close to the decoration of the living room. The murals on the background echo the fresh green plants on the table. It looks very fresh and beautiful, and the unique chair design is very artistic, making the restaurant look very good. .

2. The design of the master bedroom is very characteristic. The wooden bedside wall adds a bit of literary feeling to the main bedroom. The white curtains and bed sheets are matched with black furniture, which is the most classic and timeless match. The second bedroom is dominated by gray-blue, gray-blue walls and gray-blue sheets, which look quiet and beautiful. The yellow-green curtains are fresh and bright, giving a refreshing, bright feeling.

3. Embed the cabinet into the wall, which not only makes the living room more harmonious, but also increases the storage space. At the same time, the color of the cabinet is also very special. The left side is black and the right side is white. The owner distinguishes the clothing of the male and female owners through different colors, and the fashion is full of personality.

There are a lot of styles in the decoration of the house. The styles of different types of houses will be different. So what are the 100 square meters decoration styles and how to design them? Through the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows about these, then if you still want For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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