A25 NdFeB Pot Magnet / Magnet Hook / Retaining Magnet

  • Model NO.: A25
  • Shape: Cup Shape
  • Grade: N35
  • Magnet Material: NdFeB Magnet
  • Max. Working Temperature: +80 Degree Celsius
  • Transport Package: Suitable for Sea and Air Delivery
  • Origin: Ningbo, China
  • Application: Electronic Products, Speaker Magnet, Industrial Magnet, Magnetic Tools
  • Coating: Nickel
  • Material / Parts: NdFeB Magnet, Steel Case, Plastic Ring
  • Magnet Shape: Disc with Countersunk Hole
  • Steel Case: A3
  • Specification: A25
  • HS Code: 8505111000
NdFeB Pot magnet, also called as 'cup magnet', one kind of mounting magnet, is used for mounting, holding and hanging applications. NdFeB pot magnet, (Neodymium pot magnet), is powerful. It can hold in magnet-to-magnet application as well as magnet to ironwork.

NdFeB Pot magnet with countersunk hole  (Countersunk Pot Magnet)
Model No.: A Type

 Product features:
- This model with a countersunk hole in the NdFeB magnet center.
- The countersunk hole fits a standard flat head screw.
- The NdFeB magnet is embedded into a durable steel pot case.
- The steel pot case protects the NdFeB magnet from crashing, making the magnet more durable in harsh environments.
- NdFeB Pot magnet has only one surface of magnetic attraction. Steel pot case absorbs one polarity and redirects it to face the other direction. This makes NdFeB pot magnet much more powerful. 

Product parameter:
-Material: steel pot case, NdFeB magnet, PE/PP
- Coating of steel case & NdFeB magnet: nickel
- Magnetized direction: axially magnetized
- Max. working temperature: +80ºC
- Model No. & Dimensions & Strength & Dead Weight:
Model No.: A25
Hole degree: 90°;
Strength: 14kg;
Dead weight: 23g.

Product application:
Countersunk NdFeB pot magnets can be easily mounted with a standard flat head screw to hold ironwork, on any surface of workshop, office and home. It is widely used in industry and craft. Also, it can be mounted on articles as connections.

PEEK Plastics,Polyether ether ketone, known in English as polyetheretherketone plastic (PEEK Plastics), is a linear aromatic polymer containing chain sections in the main chain of molecules.Its constituent units are oxygen-pairs of phenyl-oxycarbonyl - pairs of phenyl, semi-crystalline, thermoplastics.

Product name: polyether ether ketone (PEEK Plastics) resin is a kind of excellent special engineering plastics, PEEK Plastics has more significant advantages compared with other special engineering plastics, resistance to high temperature is 260 degrees, mechanical performance, good self-lubrication, resistance to chemical corrosion, flame retardant, stripping resistance, abrasion resistance, no strong sulfuric acid, nitric acid resistance, radiation resistance, strong mechanical properties can be used for high-end technology such as mechanical, nuclear engineering and aviation.

PEEK Plastics has heat resistance, chemical stability and the forming process of thermoplastic plastic. PEEK Plastics has excellent heat resistance.Its thermal deformation temperature of 160 ℃, with 20% ~ 30% Glass Fiber reinforced, heat distortion temperature can be increased to 280 ~ 300 ℃.Polyether ether ketone is good, the thermal stability of 420 ℃ in air.2 h under weightlessness is only 2%, at 500 ℃ was 2.5%, significantly thermo-gravimetric 500 ℃.Polyether ether ketone of long-term use of temperature is about 200 ℃, under this temperature, still can keep the high tensile strength and bending modulus, PEEK Plastics is also a kind of very strong material, has excellent resistance to creep and fatigue performance for a long time.

PEEK Plastics electrical insulating performance is very excellent, volume resistivity of about 10 ~ 10 Ω · cm.It still has small dielectric constant and dielectric loss in high frequency range.For example, in 10Hz, the dielectric constant in the room is only 3.2 and the dielectric loss is only 0.02.

The chemical stability of polyether ether ketone is also very good. In addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, almost any chemical reagent is very stable, even at high temperature, PEEK Plastics can maintain good chemical stability.In addition, PEEK Plastics has excellent heat resistance and steam resistance.In 200 ~ 250 ℃ steam can be used for a long time.

PEEK Plastics with good flame retardancy, in normal circumstances it is difficult to burn, even burning, smoke and harmful gas release a quantity to also is very low, even lower than low smoke volume of polymer such as ptfe.In addition, PEEK Plastics has excellent radiation resistance.Its resistance to alpha rays, beta gamma rays and gamma rays is the best current polymer material.The wire products covered with it can withstand gamma rays of 1.1 x 10Gy.

The polyether ether ketone has good fluidity and thermal stability at the melting point.Therefore, PEEK Plastics has the typical processing performance of thermoplastic plastic. Therefore, it can be used for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and laminating, and also spinning and making films.Although the polyether ether ketone melt processing temperature range is 360 ~ 360 ℃, but because of its thermal decomposition temperature above 520 ℃, and it still has the very wide processing temperature range.

Although the development history of PEEK Plastics is only a short 20 years, but because PEEK Plastics has the outstanding heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and high strength, easy to machining, PEEK Plastics is currently in the nuclear industry, chemical industry, electronic appliances, machinery, instrument, automobile industry, and has been widely used in aerospace field.In particular, thermoplastic resin, which is excellent in heat resistance, can be used as the base material of high performance composite materials.


PEEK Plastics performance of the pure material is difficult to meet the different needs of different industries, in special working environment need to modification of PEEK Plastics, its main means blending modification, copolymerization modification, reinforced composite, infill modification, nanometer modification and surface modification technology.The modification can increase the performance of PEEK Plastics, such as wear resistance, impact strength, etc., thereby extending the application range of PEEK Plastics, reducing the cost of materials and improving the processing performance of PEEK Plastics.


PEEK Plastics has been widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics, medical and food processing.

PEEK Plastics has excellent performance, its application field will be more widely with the domestic application research, the current domestic set up the chongqing sanxin materials research center is a professional engaged in the research of PEEK in the field of application.The research center is under the chongqing government entities at all levels of leadership and care, is committed to in the field of automobile, electrical and electronic fields, transportation research, in the present walk at the forefront of the domestic application research.

PEEK Plastic Sheet

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