Analysis: Five trends in aluminum doors and windows curtain wall industry development

With the rapid growth in domestic market demand for doors, windows, and curtain walls, foreign companies have stepped into the domestic market. Domestic doors and windows and curtain wall companies have also taken advantage of domestic human resources and are actively expanding their presence in the international market to an unprecedented level. The trend of internationalization of the market is becoming stronger. According to the analysis of relevant experts of the doors and windows of Feiyu, in the next few years, the aluminum curtain wall industry in China will gradually enter a period of calm development. Below, the author combines the views of people in the industry to analyze the development trend of the current door and window curtain wall industry.

The total market of doors, windows and curtain walls will continue to maintain a steady growth trend

At present, the construction industry has become China's consumption hotspot and economic growth point, and domestic demand will gradually increase. The manager of Feiyu Doors & Windows, who is in charge of marketing, stated: “Under the western development, the revitalization of Northeast China, the transformation of various cities, and the construction of new cities, the total market volume of aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls will continue to grow.”

A market structure dominated by large enterprises and assisted by SMEs will be formed.

At present, the door and window curtain wall industry has formed a technological innovation system represented by more than 100 large-scale enterprises and more than 50 key enterprises with output value exceeding 100 million yuan. The industrial output value of these large-scale backbone enterprises accounted for about 50% of the total industrial output value of the industry. In the national key projects, image projects of large and medium-sized cities, urban landmark buildings, foreign-funded projects, and foreign engineering construction, the entire industry was established. A good market image has become the main force in the industry's technological innovation, brand excellence, and market development.

Affected by energy-saving policies, the domestic product structure of aluminum alloy doors and windows will undergo major changes.

The aluminum alloy curtain wall is still dominated by open frames, hidden frames, and aluminum curtain walls. The unit curtain walls have good prospects for development in large and medium-sized cities. The aluminum alloy double-layer, intelligent, and sun-shielding curtain walls will gradually mature and improve. The person in charge of the marketing department of Chengdu Xinyingmen Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. stated: “The market share of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the building doors and windows market will be maintained at over 55%, and the product mix will undergo major changes. Affected by the national building energy conservation policy and the energy crisis. The proportion of energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain walls will be greatly improved."

Environmental protection and energy conservation will become the theme of the development of doors, windows, and curtain walls

With the arrival of a well-to-do life, consumers are increasingly demanding their own living environment. Green consumption has become the dominant concept of the leading construction consumer market, and green consumption has brought tremendous green business opportunities. Therefore, to meet the needs of green consumption and develop high-performance, high-tech ecological building curtain walls and doors and windows, we must not only consider the basic physical properties and cost of building exterior effects, curtain walls, doors and windows, but also the overall design of curtain walls and doors and windows. Linked with the ecological environment, it can have good performance for the curtain walls and doors and windows after construction, reduce pollution to the environment, and create a comfortable environment for people.

Aluminum door and window curtain wall products have little difference and competition is more intense

For aluminum doors and windows competition, we learned from Chengdu Renyuan Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. that the market competition of aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls has become more intense. As the door and window curtain wall industry has entered a stage of initial maturation, the degree of competition is fierce, resulting in the current reduction in profits of various companies. The building doors and windows market is becoming more and more abundant, forming a diversified market structure consisting mainly of aluminum, plastic, wood, and steel. The application of new materials and new technologies will lead to more new products, aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall products and other industries. In comparison, the product has little difference and the competition is more intense.

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