Analysis on Cable Laying and Fireproof Closure in Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Analysis of Cable Laying and Fireproof Plugging in Photovoltaic Power Generation System (1)

Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network
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First, the common way of laying cables for photovoltaic systems

The laying of the cable is divided into clear and dark. For photovoltaic power generation systems, common cable laying methods include: direct burial laying, protective pipe laying, cable trench laying, and cable trough bridge laying.

1.1 General provisions for cable laying

1. The path selection of the cable should meet the following requirements:

(1) The cable should be protected from mechanical external forces, overheating, corrosion and other hazards.

(2) Under the condition of meeting safety requirements, the cable path should be kept to a minimum.

(3) It should be easy to lay and maintain.

(4) It is advisable to avoid places where construction will be excavated.

2. The cable shall be changed in the upper and lower left and right of any laying method and all the path conditions, and the bending radius of the cable shall be met.

3. When the number of cables in the same channel is large, if it is laid on the multi-layer bracket on the same side, it should comply with the order of voltage from high to low and bottom to top. Voltages of the same voltage class should be laid on the same layer.

4. For the arrangement of the cables on the same layer of brackets, the power cables should have a gap of 1 times the outer diameter of the cables, and should not be stacked.

5. In the closed cable passages such as tunnels, trenches, shallow troughs, shafts and mezzanines, no heat pipes shall be arranged, and pipes with flammable gases or flammable liquids shall not be traversed.

6. Non-outdoor type cables other than overhead insulated cables should be covered by covers, covers, etc. when used outdoors.

1.2 Cable laying method

The choice of cable laying method should be selected according to the engineering conditions, environmental characteristics, cable type, quantity and other factors, as well as the principle of reliable operation, easy maintenance and technical and economic rationality.

1. Directly buried

Straight buried cable is in accordance with the requirements of the specification. After dug the buried cable trench, lay the sand cushion at the bottom of the trench, and remove the debris in the trench, and then lay the cable. After the cable is laid, it should be filled immediately, and A cable or concrete slab is placed on the cable to protect the cable, and then a backfill is used for cable laying.


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