Bamboo charcoal food: Beauty or business girl?

Break the casserole

Speaking of bamboo charcoal products, people are familiar with deodorant, formaldehyde-removing bamboo charcoal packs, and bamboo charcoal masks that can resist dust blocking. In recent years, a new type of product, bamboo charcoal food, has appeared on the market. Please pay attention--

For bamboo charcoal food, there are many businesses have declared that bamboo charcoal foods will be digested and absorbed by the human body after entering the stomach and can absorb toxins in the blood to achieve detoxification, weight loss, beauty, and beauty. This magical effect naturally attracted the attention of many consumers, making bamboo charcoal food highly sought after. However, the fact that bamboo charcoal foods have such a good curative effect seems to be yet to be further demonstrated.

Online Hot Bamboo Charcoal Food

I searched on Taobao and found that the bamboo charcoal foods sold on the Internet can be described as varied: there are bamboo charcoal bread, bamboo charcoal moon cake, edible bamboo charcoal powder and so on. There are more than 2,000 sellers selling bamboo charcoal peanuts. One of the shop's bamboo charcoal peanuts sold over 10,000 a month.

From the buyer's comments, it can be seen that many consumers are buying bamboo charcoal's “health care” role. A consumer who bought bamboo charcoal bread told Ms. Li that she bought bamboo charcoal bread entirely out of curiosity and wanted to taste fresh, and wanted to see if charcoal bread really could make a beauty. According to her, the charcoal bread looked dark and did not feel anything special in the mouth.

The author saw from a Taobao shop homepage selling edible bamboo charcoal powder. The seller claimed that the bamboo charcoal powder he sold was 100% food grade bamboo charcoal powder. After high temperature sterilization, he could rest assured to eat. Zhu Xiaozhu, an online customer, said: “Bamboo grows in the natural environment and absorbs a large amount of minerals and trace elements that are soluble in water such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc. The minerals are dissolved when the charcoal is stuffed at high temperature. In bamboo charcoal, when bamboo charcoal is added to tap water, the minerals dissolve in the water, making the tap water an alkaline mineral water containing natural minerals, which is used to cook rice, make tea or coffee, which can supplement people's daily life. Insufficient minerals are commonly consumed.” When asked if bamboo charcoal powder would cause side effects on the human body, Xiaozhu said: “There is no problem with moderate intake.”

Some merchants promote bamboo charcoal even more magically. They can add water to “bamboo charcoal mask” to “purify skin cells,” “shrink pores,” “whiten acne,” and can be added to flour to make bread, cakes, and other foods.” Adsorption of toxins from the body "Relieve diarrhea" "Liposuction and beauty."

As sellers have said, it is not surprising that there are so many “characteristic” bamboo charcoal foods that sell on the best-selling network.

Bamboo charcoal detoxification is controversial

So what is bamboo charcoal? Why do people think bamboo charcoal has the role of detoxification?

The author learned that bamboo charcoal is the product of artificially high-temperature charring of bamboo. The fired bamboo charcoal products exhibit porous features. This special surface physical structure makes bamboo charcoal have strong adsorption, which can be used to remove odor, purify air, purify water, remove moisture and bacteria, and preserve food. In beauty, adding bamboo charcoal to a bathtub while bathing can make the skin smooth and delicate. At the same time, the charcoal's ability to release far-infrared rays also makes it suitable for making insulation products.

Nutritionist Jiang Xinyi said: "From the nutritional point of view, although there is indeed mineral matter in the bamboo charcoal, it is not a good source of nutrition." For some businesses claim that bamboo charcoal can be absorbed into the blood and clean up the toxins in the blood According to Jian Gao, chief physician of digestive medicine at Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, “Bamboo charcoal cannot be digested and absorbed by human body. Bamboo charcoal should be able to absorb some toxins in the intestine, but the effect is not certain.”

Regarding the effect of bamboo charcoal on living organisms, Wang Jianhui and others from Changsha University of Science and Technology have conducted an experiment to add active bamboo charcoal particles to rat feed in a certain proportion for feeding experiments. The experimental conclusion is that microwave-activated bamboo charcoal particles can effectively adsorb toxic and harmful substances in animal digestive system and feed products, reduce its damage to the intestine, effectively control the occurrence of intestinal diseases, and maintain intestinal ecological balance and health.

However, it should be noted that the activated carbon particles used in this experiment are activated charcoal particles. Compared with bamboo charcoal, activated carbon needs to be further activated, pickled and dried. The pore diameter is smaller and the surface area is larger. Activated carbon has better adsorption than bamboo charcoal. In addition, this experiment only uses rats as the experimental object. Different animals have different reactions to certain drugs and substances. Therefore, the results of animal experiments may not be applicable to the human body. So far no experiments have shown that this activated carbon particle can produce the same or similar effect in the human body.

"Bamboo charcoal medicine" "food grade bamboo charcoal" is hype

Many merchants selling bamboo charcoal products also played "Chinese Medicine" brand, claiming that bamboo charcoal can be used as a medicine to detoxify and refresh the face. Some businesses even say that bamboo charcoal is actually a "carbon medicine" that is spoken in Chinese medicine.

Dr. Cui Jizhou, a doctor at the Beijing Million Chinese Medicine Clinic, told the author that Chinese medicine does not have bamboo charcoal, and bamboo charcoal and carbon medicine are not the same thing at all. Carbon medicine is a method of Chinese medicine, and many Chinese medicines can be used to make charcoal, such as rhubarb charcoal and cannon ginger charcoal. The main role of charcoal drugs is to achieve astringent and hemostasis, and the reason is the same as the pot bottom gray (Chinese medicine field called "Baicao"). Cui Jizhou also said: "Rhubarb, pectin and other Chinese herbal medicines are the most common drugs for detoxification. Moreover, detoxification does not necessarily require the use of drugs. Usually, some of the high-fiber foods we eat have an enterotoxin. Functions, such as bamboo shoots and leeks, I personally believe that bamboo charcoal foods can be used as a kind of hype for businesses."

Bamboo charcoal is not a Chinese medicine. Is it food? Jiang Xinlu said: "Bamboo charcoal as food has no relevant food standards, so there are still some health problems in eating bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal as a food product needs to be re-argued, the former is only a concept."

At present, bamboo charcoal does not appear in the National Hygienic Standards for the Use of Food Additives and does not belong to the state’s legal food additives. Therefore, the use of bamboo charcoal as a food additive in foods such as bread and moon cakes needs further demonstration. (Intern Hao Shuang)

"Science & Technology Daily" (2013-7-10 4th Edition)

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