Belanmei smart lock --- Beland smart lock expensive?

Since the beginning of the smart lock market, it has won the market with its convenience, safety, and fashion, but some people are skeptical, a thousand pieces of smart locks are cheap, expensive four or five thousand or even tens of thousands are also worth? We will introduce you to the BRAND M smart lock. I believe that after seeing its advantages, you will feel that it is not expensive.

Belamame smart lock brand introduction

Zhongshan Bailanmei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. originated in 1997, focusing on the development of intelligent electronic door locks. Has a strong R & D and production strength, has passed lS09001 international quality system certification. The core department has more than 10 functional departments including R&D, molds, die-casting, polishing, QC, marketing, and customer service. The company pursues brand strategy, scale development, professional quality, standardized management system, and first-class service guarantee, allowing you to enjoy the charm of electronic technology.


Belamame Smart Lock Features

1, stylish, simple, and atmospheric: a perfect combination of simplicity and streamline, highlighting the design style of South Korean professional designers, using 4.3-inch large "liquid crystal" sensor area, built-in today's most popular and most energy-saving LED lights, induction power, display Blu-ray (printable hotel name and LOGO) is even more fashionable.

2, the industry's first lock cover lateral sliding structure technology, both beautiful, convenient and practical, to avoid the traditional hotel lock screw on the market is inconvenient, with the magnet easy to fall off.

3, the lock panel is widened and lengthened, showing more atmosphere; it is easy to replace and upgrade some hotel locks (flip lock body).

4, optical fingerprinting, the elderly children's fingerprints are also sensitive.

5, 0.4 seconds speed verification + growth memory, the longer the use, the more sensitive, flexible to adapt to a variety of finger conditions.

6, smart lock module can be free to change, battery power design, but also can maintain long-term use

7, before and after the real password, you can add as many digits as you like so that you don't have to worry about it.

Looking at the many features of the above beauty locks at Blanmeyer, do you still think that the two thousand or so bland smart locks are expensive? The door lock is the most important protection for our family safety. We can't blindly look at the price in smart lock purchase. Hope that the above content can help you, if you still want to know more, just leave a message at the bottom of the article!

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