Bonafontaine: Curtain art is not just a piece of cloth

Curtains are one of the most important parts of home decoration design. Because of the large space occupied by the curtains, different kinds of curtains may affect the decorative design style of the whole house in terms of color, material and pattern, so Bonafontein thinks The selection of curtains is especially important during the soft loading process.


Color patterns are very different

Curtains not only play a role in occlusion in daily life, but also beautify the decoration of the home and enhance the taste of life. In the color pattern, the curtains as part of the soft decoration should be properly distinguished on the basis of the overall color of the home decoration. The curtains in the living room and dining room can choose bright colors, which can bring a bright mood to the daily life of the family; The best choice of warm-colored curtains in the bedroom creates a warm atmosphere that helps sleep and rest.

In terms of pattern selection, there are two main types, namely abstract shapes such as squares, circles, stripes and other shapes, and patterns of natural material forms (such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.). When choosing a curtain pattern, it should be noted that the curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect after pleating should be considered.


Size should pay attention to

The size of the curtains is not simple to cover the window. The length of the curtains is slightly longer than the window sill, so that even if the wind is windy, the whole room will not be exposed to the front; if the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, the decorative effect will not be It will be very good. Generally, the length of the curtain should be chosen to be larger than the width, so that the visual effect is best when it is hung.

Do not want single-layer curtains to be too monotonous, you can also choose double-layer curtains, the inner layer is light and thin material, such as nylon silk, mesh cloth or thin silk yarn, the outer layer can be thick material, such as corduroy, gold velvet Or it is woolen cloth, you can choose according to your mood or weather.


Go believes that when choosing curtains, many people only care about the color style of the curtains, ignoring the actual problems of materials, sizes, etc., often the installation effect is not satisfactory, so when choosing curtains, it must be It is necessary to consider all aspects in a comprehensive manner.

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