Brief description of the four main elements of faucet maintenance

1, please have experienced and qualified professionals for construction and installation. Installation, the tap should try not to bump with hard objects, do not cement, glue and other residues in the surface, so as not to damage the surface coating gloss. Pay attention to the pipeline debris removed after the taps. 2.When the water pressure is not less than 0.02mpa (0.2kgf / cm2), after a period of use, if the amount of water is reduced or even the flameout of the water heater occurs, it may be lighter at the water outlet of the faucet Gently unscrew the screen cover, remove impurities, generally can be restored as ever. 3, switch faucet do not force too fast, homeopathy gently turn. Even the traditional faucet, do not need a lot of effort to twist to death. In particular, do not handle as a handrail to support or use. 4, bathtub shower head metal hose should be kept in a state of natural stretch, do not be when not in the lead on the winding. At the same time, with or without the use, pay attention to hose and valve body joints do not form a dead end, so as not to break or damage the hose. Bathroom pendant for your bathroom life A string of towels hung on a rope and a toothbrush with several toothbrushes inserted on a shelf, which is common in traditional home bathrooms. Now that bathroom life is no longer just a simple wash, every element of the bathroom undergoes subtle changes as people move their bathroom life to the point of quality: the age of the rope ends and the long shelf does not And, replaced by a variety of new bathroom accessories, they perform their duties, to your bathroom life has brought unexpected convenience.

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