Can the application of farmyard manure improve the soil?

Can the application of farmyard manure improve the soil? Many people have such questions, the answer is yes. Farmyard manure, including manure, compost, toilet manure, soil fertilizer, green manure, etc. are all organic fertilizers. Ammonium humate in chemical fertilizers is also an organic fertilizer. Because these fertilizers contain a lot of organic matter, they are called "organic fertilizers."

The reason why the application of farmyard manure can improve the soil: Linyi Fertilizer Network
The application of farmyard manure can improve the soil mainly because a large amount of organic matter contained in these fertilizers can form various humic substances during decomposition and transformation. Humus is a kind of hydrophilic colloid. Its water retention and fertilizer retention capacity is ten to several times larger than the equivalent clay particles. When the humus and soil particles condense together, it can promote the formation of agglomerate structure in the soil, there are small pores inside the pellet, and there are relatively large pores between the pellets. Water enters the soil through large pores, enhancing the water permeability of the soil. Water can be absorbed and stored by small pores inside the pellet. Therefore, the soil with agglomerate structure has good fertilizer and water retention properties. In the soil where organic fertilizer is added, although the surface is dry and the topsoil is dry, the underlying soil is relatively moist. In addition, organic fertilizers contain a large number of beneficial microorganisms and growth stimulants, which can promote the growth and development of crops. At the same time, organic fertilizers can generate heat and organic acids during the decomposition process, releasing carbon dioxide, etc., which helps to decompose some potential nutrients in the soil, transform them into forms for crops to absorb and utilize, and improve the performance of soil nutrients. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, cultivate soil fertility, and accelerate soil ripening, which is one of the important measures to achieve high yield and stability. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
I would like to share the above points with the reasons why the application of farmyard manure can improve the soil. I hope this article is helpful to everyone and I wish you good luck. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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