Cloud storage application convergence in video surveillance

The application of cloud storage technology in the field of security includes the following: First, monitoring cloud storage will use video surveillance hosting services more to provide customers with private cloud services for smaller-scale deployments such as homes and stores; The provision of security cloud services will be customized by enterprises, cloud service providers to provide the necessary infrastructure, services, software and hardware resources; third, the data center model will be introduced and gradually become the main form of the security industry.

Cloud storage has the following advantages:

(1) Storage management can be automated and intelligent, all storage resources are integrated, and customers see a single storage space;

(2) Improve storage efficiency, solve the waste of storage space through virtualization technology, automatically redistribute data, improve the utilization of storage space, and provide load balancing and fault redundancy;

(3) Cloud storage can achieve scale effect and elastic expansion, reduce operating costs, and avoid resource waste;

Cloud storage technology in the application of security problems
Limited by the characteristics of security video surveillance's own business, there may be differences between monitoring cloud storage and existing Internet cloud computing models. For example, security users prefer video information stored locally, government video surveillance applications are sensitive, video information privacy issues, and video Monitor the problem of high network bandwidth consumption and other issues.

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