Custom shower details are important, convenient and practical favored

In a small area of ​​home and bathroom, install a small independent shower room, not only can stop the water, but also play a warm and decorative role, so that home bathroom space has become more stylish and humane.

"There can be no bathtub in the bathroom, but there can be no shower room." The reporter had interviewed several family and home improvement designers and found that the ordinary shower and shower room were the most popular in the market, almost every household has an installation, and the computer shower Although the function of the house is varied, due to its high price, apart from a few villa families, ordinary families have fewer choices.

Personality: Featured shower adds spice and comfort. The trickle of dripping from the shower nozzle not only removes your exhausted body but also allows you to enjoy a sense of comfort beyond your comfort. According to report, the shower room configuration is high and low, an ordinary shower consisting of an ordinary hand shower and a top-spray shower. The market price varies from tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan, but if you increase Massage, steam and Other special features, the market price is at least 10,000 yuan / sets, and some unique characteristics of the shower, function and price, although not as computer steam shower room, but also greatly enhance the shower room Bath fun and comfort.

There are many kinds of special showers on the market today, and their functions are also different. One of them is most commonly used. The 3 to 5 multifunctional showers introduced by Rifeng Sanitary Co., Ltd. can be used to adjust the nozzle and have bubbles, massage, and punch. Water and many other functions; Second, increase the LED lights, through the light source to change the display water temperature is also a major selling point for this year's new shower, ceramic ceremonies held recently, the reporter had seen two temperature control flowers introduced by the HAVA bathroom Sprinkling, not only can simulate the water flow effect of water droplets and rain curtains, greatly improve the comfort of the shower, and can also spray "colored water", that is, LED lights are installed in the outlet holes of the nozzle. The color of the lamp can be According to the change in water temperature, use red, green, blue and other three colors, respectively, representing the heat, temperature, cold and other three kinds of water temperature.

Market: The shower room is very convenient and practical. “The bathroom installation shower room can not only stop the water, but also keep it warm during the winter showers. It is very convenient and practical.” Recently, the reporter heard most of the words when he visited many residents. . According to report, the shower room is very common in the home bathroom space. In the newly renovated home that the reporter contacted, almost every household has a shower room, and the shower room and shower room are the most popular. There are not many users who install computer steam baths and bathtubs.

The reporter learned through a number of home improvement designers that the shower room has always been an evergreen tree in the home bathroom space. With the growing awareness of energy saving and environmental protection and health awareness, convenient, practical, safe and sanitary shower rooms are becoming increasingly popular. In some cities that are relatively short of water, such as Beijing, more than 80% of home improvement families will consider the shower room at the first time when they purchase home and bathroom products. Chen Ke, a home designer, said that even the bathtubs that were reserved in previous hotels are now mostly converted into shower rooms.

According to relevant responsible persons of ideal sanitary wares, Emperor sanitary wares, and Rifeng sanitary wares, etc., the sales of shower rooms have been increasing year by year. At present, the sales of sanitary wares by these companies are at least over 50% of sales. Is the shower room, which is still the best-selling tailor-made shower room.

The shape should be simple and focused on the material and details According to industry insiders, the current shower room on the market can be divided into two kinds of steam shower function and simple shower without steam function, and people are the most preferred is a simple shower room, simple shower room It can be divided into two categories: frameless and framed, frameless with hinged door, and framed with sliding door or sliding door composed of aluminum alloy profile, tempered glass and hardware.

“The quality of the shower room, product safety performance and durability, etc., product design and product material, detail processing, etc. are inextricably linked.” Huang Nian Ling, general manager of the ideal bathroom domestic sales department: quality shower room first focus on The design of the product is clear, concise, and unappealing. Secondly, high-quality shower rooms are made of 6463T5 aluminum with a hardness of 9 to 12 degrees and containing 99% or more of aluminum. This is not only a good gloss, but also Strong, hard to peel off, hard to scratch and fingerprints.

Once again, the original tempered glass used in the quality shower room is fired at a high temperature of 1300°C. The transparency is good, there are no bubbles and no noise, and the thickness can reach 8 to 10mm. The safety is high and it is not easy to crack. In addition, the material and film thickness of hardware accessories are also important.

Home Classrooms Tailor-made according to area The size of the bathroom in each family is different, and the size of the shower room that can be installed is also different.

According to the designer Ye Liang, according to the shape of the points, the shower room can be divided into two types: vertical angle shower room and rectangular shower room. However, it is worth reminding and paying attention to that because of the need for molds for the base of the shower room, it can only be standardized, but it is tailor-made for non-standardization. It is usually not equipped with a base, and the floor of the shower room is covered with mosaics, tiles, etc. And the walls, splicing all kinds of patterns of various patterns, which highlight the owner's preferences and taste, but also a special feature of the custom shower room.

There are many products in the shower room, two pressure and three pull showers, and the quality is also uneven. How do consumers choose? Industry insiders recommend that you can identify the good and the bad through one look, two pressures and three pulls. inferior.

A look at the material and certificate can be carefully observed on the surface of aluminum alloy material with trachoma, scratches; tempered glass is transparent, whether there is blistering, knots and other phenomena; hardware accessories include handles, rods and pulleys and base, etc., its surface The electroplating layer also has good finish, no blistering and anti-corrosion; in the production process, it can focus on observing the fit and tightness between the joints of aluminum and tempered glass, the tempered glass door and the waterproof glue, and the guide pulleys. Material and wheel seat sealing;

In addition, we can focus on checking whether there are 3C certification marks, product quality inspection certificates, and patent certificates on top of tempered glass. Among them, 3C certification is short for China's compulsory product certification.

Two-pressure aluminum hardness According to industry sources, qualified shower room aluminum, the hardness of at least 12 degrees or more, the thickness of at least 1.2mm or more, go to the rail hanging glass aluminum needs to be more than 1.5mm, usually by hand pressure Aluminum frame test aluminum hardness, you can also do pull-ups in the aluminum shower room to test the strength of aluminum and the overall solidity of the shower room.

Three Pull Pulleys and Pulling Rods If you purchase a shower room with a sliding door, you can use hand to test whether the pull of the pulley is smooth, whether the pulley and the aluminum track are tightly coupled, whether it is easy to fall off when subjected to external force, etc., Whether the water vapor easily enters the wheel; Secondly, the pull-rods in the shower room should be recommended to choose a stable type of pull rods, straight pull rods, diagonal pull rods and so on.

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