Difference between infrared distance and visible distance

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When someone asks you whether you can answer the infrared distance and the visible distance, can you answer it smoothly? The following is a detailed explanation of the difference between the infrared distance and the visible distance. Everyone has a deeper understanding of them.

Difference between infrared distance and visible distance
Infrared distance refers to the distance that infrared light reaches, from a few meters to a few hundred meters, or even several kilometers. The nighttime visible distance is the clear and effective maximum distance that can be seen by the monitor. It is determined by the illumination distance of the infrared light, the infrared level of the infrared camera, the infrared reflection of the scene, the quality of the power supply, and the matching of the lens. of. The result of each other is the same as the CPU, memory, and chipset matching of the computer. The efficiency of any link will reduce the efficiency of the whole system.
Nowadays, many dealers and manufacturers have exaggerated the performance of their products in order to make their products in a competitive position, and only give the infrared distance of the products, not to mention the clarity that customers really want. The distance is so wide that the current infrared cameras are all able to see more than two hundred meters.
According to our company's many years of experience in infrared products, a better infrared camera (note: here refers to the color to black and white camera) with long-range infrared light and the corresponding focal length lens, the farthest can only see one hundred About 50 meters, even if you increase the number of meters of the infrared light, it only changes the light intensity, and the distance does not change much. This is because the infrared level of the color camera is decreasing with the distance, color The principle of the camera CCD also determines that the color camera is not as infrared as the black and white camera. At present, most of the actual projects used by customers are color-to-black-and-white cameras. At this time, the infrared visible distance and the infrared distance are very different. The actual visual significance of infrared visible distance is far greater than the infrared distance.
Based on the principle of honesty and credit, we emphasize the difference between infrared visible distance and infrared discovery distance. We hope that the majority of engineers and equipment manufacturers can understand these two concepts and choose the products that suit you.

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