Do you need a keel when laying wooden floors?

The installation of wooden floor is a very important part. The quality of wooden floor installation directly affects the life of wooden floor. Do you need to make keels when paving solid wood flooring? Which keel needs to be installed for parquet and laminate flooring?

First, the installation of solid wood flooring needs to play keel?

Solid wood flooring installation requires a keel. Solid wood flooring is a natural plate, so it is very expensive. The keel is needed below because the solid wood floor is afraid of acid, alkali, flammable, and more importantly, it is afraid of moisture deformation. It is the preferred floor material for high-end home floors.

Second, the installation of solid wood composite floor needs to play keel?

Solid wood composite flooring can be used to play keel, you can also choose not to play keel, solid wood composite keel will make the foot feel better, step on it is very soft, this mainly depends on personal needs. The keel installation of the parquet includes the wooden keel and the plastic keel paving method. This is a wooden keel.

Solid wood composite flooring also has a suspension paving method: that is, using a moisture-proof membrane or a moisture-proof mat to install, this method is currently more popular. This is not required to play the keel.

Third, to strengthen the laminate floor installation need to play keel?

The bottom layer of the laminate flooring is a moisture barrier. Because the floor has a moisture barrier, the keel is not required and the price is the lowest.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the wooden floor needs to be keeled? This is mainly based on the type of wooden floor. Solid wood flooring must be keel, solid wood composite flooring can be keel or keel, and laminate flooring does not need to play keel. (The picture in the text comes from the network)

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