Electrical Drive Hot Melt Adhesive Gun Handy Guns (LBD-H001)

Model NO.: (LBD-H001)
HS Code: 84671900
Product Description
Electrical Drive Hot Melt Adhesive Gun Handy Guns (LBD-H001)
1. Handy gun connect hose
2. It is convenient to use handy gun in
unstable place

Hot melt glue dispensing machine gun instruction and technical parameters:

Hot melt glue spray is assembled with fashion and unique design conception ,high quality structure components which adopt straight-pilot gas-off  active style designs , responsive ,and reliable .   

Filter screen with high density can reduce downtime and production disruptions due to block nozzle .

The German High quality sealing structure components ,temperature resistance up to 260 degrees , good wear-resisting performance to ensure stable and durable of during the gun running  

The specification of the nozzle can be customized as per customer requirements ,diameter of  nozzle is adjustable from 0.05mm-6.0mm in sequence 

Easy to change the nozzle, directly replace the dispensing head ,and can achieve different effect of glue spraying , suitable for various situation of flow of hot melt adhesive glue.

Modular design, easily implement more gun combination, and the synchronous or asynchronous control was achieved.

Separate control, easy manual , semiautomatic, automatic operation, automatic assembly line installation, etc

According to user requirements "dispensing machine  (BAIDE) modification applied to Other Brands of hot melt glue machine equipments .Can be supplied to the nordson, zebina nutt, black & decker etc. Imported equipment.

It Can be used hot melt glue coating system in various brands of baby diapers on the production line.according to the different performance

Heating element part connected to the filter convenient disassembly, heating element for high quality aluminum alloy, heat quickly, can use at the same time gas-off with gas on spring off the various general dispensing head, glue guns, without change module .High density alloy sintered filter, the precision filter, filter all the impurities contained in the hot melt glue was thoroughly, the design of easy disassembly and easy cleaning, don't worry about hot melt glue gun cleaning and maintenance. The MAC solenoid valve combined with high standard accessories, let you use more comfortable, reliable connection and greater job security, refused to use inferior fittings, provide you with high standard high stability of the product. All reflect the company take the customer as the center of the objective .Various module body, form a complete set of general, without repeating  investment.

With steel core spray nozzle, long using life, stop flowing any glue

Hot melt glue dispensing gun range of application and recommend

Applicable to the non-drying label, sanitary products, medical dressings, packaging, book binding, automobile assembly, furniture production, footwear, wood products industry, toy industry, leather, electronics, electrical appliances, textiles, handicrafts and architectural decoration and other various need to spray glue, paint, oil and other industries.
Particularly suitable for automatic packaging line sealing glue sealing purposes such as milk, milk paper straw pasting, folding paper milk box, milk powder packaging and sealing, biscuit packaging and sealing, furniture packaging and sealing, hot melt adhesive sealing, hot melt adhesive sealing box, carton packaging, hot melt adhesive glue packaging and sealing box spraying application.

After the replacement of different modules can be easily used in: maternal and child health supplies, baby diaper, sanitary napkin, pad, gown, disposable masks, medical products, composite serging of office supplies, furniture assembly, auto industry production such as glue application
Electrical Drive Hot Melt Adhesive Gun Handy Guns (LBD-H001)
Electrical Drive Hot Melt Adhesive Gun Handy Guns (LBD-H001)


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