Forging iron cleaning

The purpose of cleaning is to remove the burrs and yttrium oxides of the ferrule forgings.
When the forging burr size exceeds the forging technical conditions, it is ground on the grinding wheel and is generally performed before the forging is annealed.
Forging yttria is generally performed after annealing, with horizontal drum cleaning and blasting drum cleaning.
1. Horizontal drum cleaning: Many bearing rings of different sizes are loaded into a horizontal drum rotating at a speed of 20 to 60r/min at the same time, rolling and hitting each other, so that the cerium oxide falls off from the surface of the forging, and at the same time, Forging burrs and edge polishing, in order to speed up the cleaning, sometimes put some scrap balls in the drum. Cleaning time is generally 10 to 20 minutes. This method is simple and easy, but the quality of the cleaning is poor.
2. Shot blasting drum cleaning: The forgings are loaded into a horizontal sealed drum rotating at a low speed (2.5 to 3 r/min), and iron pellets or steel pellets having a grain size of 0.8 to 1.2 mm are thrown from the blades of the high-speed rotating squirt pellets. It rushed onto the forgings, causing the cerium oxide to fall off due to impact. Steel balls can be automatically circulated, and thorium oxide can be sucked out by a vacuum cleaner. Forgings have low impact noise.

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