[Hardware Lock] Is there a lock in the world that is safe?

I feel that after a safe door lock, this is the world I think. In the real world, there is no defense at all, and thieves and unlocking experts come and go. Knowing this doesn't make me feel depressed, maybe the world is not as I wish, but I know at least its true face.

After writing the article on the water counter yesterday, there was a tragedy in which I locked myself out. No wallet, no mobile phone, and of course no key. Many people sent messages through WeChat, saying that it is really a shame that there is no "praise" function under the article of WeChat public account. There are also more people who have written about their own similar encounters. I hope I can feel better after reading them.

Thank you for your comfort, but I am not too sad. Considering that there are too many TV dramas for everyone, there will be more people going on to say, "Sorry, you will say it, it will be better to say it." I will definitely tell you that I am actually very good, so everyone looked at me with extreme sympathy and sighed and said: "Hey, the head of the dish is so sad." At this stage, there may be scenes of extreme violence. . Therefore, it is better to accept my statement now, or we can do it directly, and the one with the thick wrist has the final say.

I am not sad, because there is finally a chance to see how the locksmith master can open a security lock with a high security level. The whole process didn't arrive for 5 minutes. The buddy charged a service fee of 150 yuan. I was amazed at his hourly salary.

In his hand, he had a canvas bag with various long boxes, allegedly being tools for different locks. I thought that, like in the TV news, he would insert something like a foil paper and bounce the door with a bang. For my idea, he said quite scornfully: it can only be targeted at a certain type of lock, too unprofessional.

After a moment in a broken box, the master figured out a key that was not slotted and completely toothless. He inserted the toothless key into the door lock so that the marbles were all jacked up. Then carefully pulled out and replaced a thin steel rod into the lock cylinder. The steel was inserted a little inside, and he used a hammer to smash the steel. I later checked the information and said that under the violent impact, the marbles would return to the standard position and be arranged in a neat row. After ten or more times, he changed an L-shaped steel braze into it, and with only one turn, the door opened. The whole journey is no more than 5 minutes. If it is not too loud, I would like to learn about this technology.

The unlocking master left, along with 150 yuan with my body temperature. Suddenly from the fresh excitement, I suddenly thought of a problem: Every day before I go to sleep, after going out, I have to check whether the security door has been locked. This is already a daily job. However, what does this mean?

I have a security lock that claims to be a high security level and requires double the price to open. In the face of professionals, it only takes 5 minutes to open. It is conceivable that in a professional thief, the speed may be faster and the sound may be smaller. Every day I lock the door, sleep or go out because I feel that there is a lock that protects me. A sturdy and sophisticated mechanism, a complex and variable metal structure. And this kind of conviction that I am sure of does not exist at all.

It's just a 5-minute workload for others, and it's not just it, the vast majority of doors in the city. If it comes to utility, it can only block good people, because good people believe that it can't be easily cracked - I think it's a bit relieved to think of it.

I feel that after a safe door lock, this is the world I think. In the real world, there is no defense at all, and thieves and unlocking experts come and go. Knowing this doesn't make me feel depressed, maybe the world is not as I wish, but I know at least its true face.

And I was completely freed from the task of checking the locks twice a day. This thing suddenly became less important, and I felt a lot easier.

This is like my understanding of credit cards. When I know that a credit card only needs to set a password, once the bank is stolen, the bank will not be responsible. I finally understand that those in restaurants and cafes say "no password". The real feeling in the heart. This is a world full of risks, but it doesn't mean you can't fly freely while taking risks.

It is safe to have no security lock in the world. Knowing this will make people feel peace of mind. Because the door is covered with a door and locked and locked, this is a way to smash children. The more guarantees are given, the heavier the burden. When I can calmly face the truth of this world, I finally get to know it.

Editor in charge: Liu Changqi

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