Hemei Furniture-Buying the right furniture will make it very easy to move

Hemei Furniture-Buying the right furniture will make it very easy to move

The young people who work hard in renting out houses firmly believe

The house is rented, but life is not to improve your quality of life. What you lack is what you buy. If you do n’t lack, you buy it. As a result, you always have to move your rent suddenly and frequently. Move! I changed my job and moved!
Fall in love, move! Break up again, move!
The original cost to improve the quality of life has all turned into tears of regret on the day of moving.
My big wardrobe , my solid wood dining table , my hard-earned money! All want to move away!
But the fact is, you ca n’t move out without removing them!

I don't want to disassemble and reinstall them in the face of a damage rate of up to 80%; I don't want to pay a high handling fee to hang from the balcony; I don't want to give up everything and move and buy again. You don't want to be beautiful, you just need such a list of furniture suitable for moving.


In fact, suitable for moving furniture, summed up is nothing more than three keywords "easy to install, easy to disassemble, easy to take away." However, any furniture that needs to use wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools to install various screws is not worthy of the word "simple".
The furniture with tenon and mortise or plug-in type can be quickly disassembled without the aid of tools, and the stability is also high.
For example, GOGO Furniture, a home brand that exists for moving, from a few pieces of bulk wood to a double bed, a soft girl can be installed by hand in less than half an hour.
The brand designer made reference to the ancient “tenon-and-mortise” structure and made an upgraded “tenon” design, which makes it easy to complete the installation and disassembly of the whole house furniture.
And under their home furnishing category, from the bed to the table, from the wardrobe to the shelf, everything is available. Even if you rent a rough room, you can create a cozy little house within a day. GOGO Furniture has its own official website with a full range of furniture.
Ply's household products are also designed around tenon or wooden threads. Even the sofa can have simple parts and easy disassembly.
The award-winning Ply Nude coat rack is only composed of three long, three short and six wooden sticks. The short sticks can be rotated and pushed to connect and fix.
The assembled coat rack has a total of 9 fulcrums, and can bear a maximum of 100kg. It can be used to hang all clothes, hats, and bags that are too late to change. The most important thing is that it can be easily disassembled when moving. take away. More easy-to-install furniture items can be found on their Taobao flagship store.
STAXX's furniture products are detachable from coffee tables and benches to sofas, beds and TV cabinets. All furniture can be assembled by relying on their interlocking process, without the need for any tools to assist the whole process.
This Erqisi low cabinet can be used as a bookshelf, open cabinet and so on. It can also be combined together. It can be used as a screen in the room or as a bookshelf in the office. The Dongting TV cabinet can be used for placing TVs or other digital devices. Although it is a TV cabinet, it can still be used in multiple combinations and become a shelf to meet the different needs of different people.
Most people rent a place with limited area. However, the space required to move in and out of the door and move up and down the stairs is even smaller. Therefore, retractable and foldable has become the first element of the renting party to buy furniture.
Come, draw a dragon with me on the left, and draw a rainbow like a shoe rack on the right. This is a must-buy item for renting. Most people buy a simple shoe rack that is removable. Although this shoe rack is not difficult to install, it is really unstable. And the parts are too many and trivial, it is easy to lose on the move, so it is time to upgrade yourself to an explosive foldable shoe rack. The number of layers can be freely selected, enough to meet the needs of most non-footwear collectors.
When you move, fold it and fold it away.
The standard rental room is generally only given a table. The low-profile rooms do not even have tables. Folding dining tables have been around for centuries. The space-saving, easy-to-handle design has been around for a long time, and IKEA's Norton folding dining table is one of the classics.

3 ways to open, let use become more free. When moving, put down the two sides of the desktop, the width is compressed to less than 30 cm, and two people can easily lift down the stairs.


The squeaky Shuzhe table also adopts a foldable design.
Usually it can be used as a dining table, and when folded down, it can also be used as a side table and a screen, perfect for one table and three uses.
Furniture that is harder to move than a bed and a wardrobe is a sofa. The renting party who wanted a comfortable life had to cry in tears, I do n’t deserve it! Then feel free to buy a lazy sofa, a bean bag sofa or something.
And this application of cellular technology, which can be compressed and folded like an accordion in the Elephant in a Box sofa, let the high-quality rental party see hope.
It can be folded into a box size in a few minutes, and then restored after moving home. This sofa has been successfully crowdfunded on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter this year, looking forward to its mass production one day.
The similar nature is the retractable paper stool and paper chair that we are familiar with. For example, a paper stool of eighteen papers is a round stool with high load bearing.
It just looks like a bigger notebook.
If you want to minimize the difficulty of moving, you still have to look at the "flat" design.
London designer Philippe Malouin once designed a hanger chair for Canadian design brand Umbra, which can be used as an ordinary chair after opening. (Small BB: Some treasure has expensive cottage models, please be sensible.)

When put away, it becomes a flat hanger that can be hung on a clothes rail to dry clothes. Not only does it not take up space, it also uses more than one thing.


If you want to buy a higher cost-effective replacement, you have to rely on IKEA. IKEA has a thin and light folding chair that can be mounted on the wall-Thayer. You can easily find a gap in the folded state to accommodate it, and this light chair can easily carry five in one hand when moving.
Taking flat as its design purpose, this designer in south London designed FUZL puzzle furniture. This completely eliminates screwing and riveting, as long as the plates are connected with metal clips and clicked, it is done.
These metal clips are very hard and can be kept almost permanently. And this series of furniture materials are made of Navia birch, which is not suitable for wear and has strong stability. There is no need to worry about falling apart while sitting.
Unlock the clip when you move and pack it away.
Although every year 90% of the renting parties are either moving or planning to move. One by one, "urban youths" are changing towards "urban nomads." But remember the three elements of easy moving: easy to disassemble, foldable and flat. You can grasp the quality of life and move easily with both hands!

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