Hengtai Ruixin Tip: Tapered roller bearings need to be tested regularly

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Hengtai Ruixin Tip: Tapered roller bearings need to be tested regularly

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-14

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In order to make the tapered roller bearing fully play and maintain its proper function for a long time; it is necessary to do a good time protection protection (timed view). After proper timing inspection; early detection of problems; avoid accidents in the first place; And economics are very important.
1. Remove the tapered roller bearing when it is removed. First make a record of the appearance by shooting. Others; acknowledge the amount of lubricant remaining and sample the lubricant; then remove the tapered roller bearing.
a. The removal of the tapered roller bearing is carried out by rough washing and fine washing; and the metal mesh frame can be placed on the bottom of the used container.
b. When rough washing; remove the grease or adhesive with a brush at the top of the oil. If you change the tapered roller bearing in the oil at this moment; be careful to damage the rolling surface due to foreign matter.
c. During fine washing; gradually change the tapered roller bearing in the oil; it must be carried out carefully.
The general use of the scavenger is neutral non-aqueous diesel or kerosene; depending on the demand, it is sometimes used as a warm lye. No matter which kind of scavenger is used, it should be filtered and kept clean.
Immediately after eradication; apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease to tapered roller bearings.
2, view and discriminant in order to determine whether the removed tapered roller bearing can be used from the beginning; to focus on its scale accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and cooperation surface, raceway surface, cage and seal ring.
Regarding the results of the inspection; can be judged by the use of conventional tapered roller bearings or tapered roller bearings.
The specification of the discrimination differs depending on the mechanical function and importance and the viewing period. If there are the following damages; the tapered roller bearing must not be used from the beginning; it is necessary to replace it.
1) Cracking and shortcomings of tapered roller bearing parts.
2) Stripping of the rolling surface of the raceway surface.
The problem of identifying the problem of tapered roller bearings is not disassembled; it can be identified or guessed whether the tapered roller bearings in the operation have problems; it is very important for improving productivity and economy.
The primary identification method is as follows:
After the sound is recognized, there is a rich experience in identifying the sound through the sound. It is necessary to go through ample practice to recognize the sound of the tapered roller bearing and the non-tapered roller bearing. To this end, the work should be carried out by a person. The sound of the tapered roller bearing can be clearly heard by listening to the sound absorber or listening to the sound bar.
The method of identifying the operating temperature is a comparative method; it is limited to the occasion where the working condition is not changed. For this reason, it is necessary to record the temperature continuously. When the problem occurs; not only the temperature rises; but also the irregular change .
The lubricant is sampled and analyzed by the identification of the lubricant; it can be discriminated by whether the turbidity can be mixed with foreign matter or metal powder. This method is especially useful for tapered roller bearings or large tapered roller bearings that cannot be closely investigated.

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