High-rise Bay Window Guard Regulation Indoor High Bay Window Guard

Today we will explain to you some of the relevant contents of the high-rise floating window barrier. We all know that today's society does not have high-rise buildings, since there are tall buildings. Then we need to do some fences to better ensure everyone's safety. Then, let's take a look at the high-bay window guardrail specifications and the indoor high-rise floating window guards.

High-rise window guardrail specifications

1. Our current high-bay floating window guardrail is widely used this year. Since everyone is very fond of the bay window design, the guardrail is also for the sake of everyone's safety. Protection design has received the Chinese style of developers and consumers, and some developers will choose to design the fence and the outside of the bay window. Such a design is very reasonable.

2, generally to install the Bay window guardrail is to rely on the Bay window to install, but because of this installation so that many users feel that special unsightly, blocking the view of the appreciation of the scenery, can not be beautiful and safe Lost. The minimum height of the guardrail is also 0.9 meters. If it is a floor-to-ceiling window, the net height less than 2200 will not count the area.

Indoor high-rise floating window barrier considerations

1. The design of the Bay Window was favored by people. Therefore, many people refused to install the floating window guardrail, ignoring the security issues that are important to us. Nowadays, there are many materials used as guardrails in the market. The use of wood and iron materials is relatively common. Of course, even the materials used as guardrails should be commensurate with the space, so that leisure and romantic warm colors can be created.

2. We should preferably install guardrails, especially if there are children and the elderly at home. This will better ensure their safety. People at home will be more assured that the height of the window railings is stipulated. The distance between the vertical bars of the railing shall not be greater than 0.11 meters. The necessary positions shall be taken for the placement of the flowerpots. The balcony railing height of the low-rise or multi-storey residential building shall not be less than 1.05 meters. The balcony rails in the middle and high floors shall not be Less than 1.10 meters.

Summary: Information on high-bay floating window barriers and indoor high-rise floating window barriers was introduced here, and hopefully these will help everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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