Home dressing needs to pay attention to health details

A damp bathroom can easily breed and multiply fungi and induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, the wet mop should be dried and put into the bathroom; keep the sewer unblocked; open the ventilation fan.

In addition to the smell of home

The sewer mouth is sprinkled with syrup, the pot is mixed with some fresh orange peel, and a packet of dried eucalyptus residue is placed in the closet. A little vinegar is heated and evaporated in the wok to remove the odor.

The house is full of flowers and tired

Indoor plants should be small and refined. Too many flowers can damage the overall sense of the environment, not only difficult to adjust the mood, but also easily cause visual fatigue.

Choose a pair of curtains to sleep well

The curtains of the flocked fabric are thicker, and the sound absorption and shading effects are good. The red and black matching curtains help to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Shower room fully tempered glass is the safest

When using semi-tempered glass, when hot water is used in winter or cold water is used in summer, it may burst, and the safety of all-tempered glass is higher.

Home tiles are too bright and eye-catching

White and metallic tiles are highly reflective, which may cause myopia and cataracts, and are not suitable for large-area use. When decorating, it is best to choose matt bricks.

Buying furniture samples is the most environmentally friendly

The furniture is placed in the air for a long time, and the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene is relatively thorough; the samples are mostly made of real materials, and some manufacturers will also carry out aldehyde removal treatment.

Decorative room with less oil painting

Oil paint contains a certain amount of soluble strontium, arsenic, antimony, lead, mercury, selenium and other elements. If it is excessively ingested by the human body, it will endanger health.

Don't sleep on the mattress

The old sleeping side of the mattress can easily lead to spring deformation and the mattress is sunken. It is best to change the front and back and the orientation of the new mattress after 2 to 3 months.

There is a range hood to open the window

Although the range hood can remove the fumes, it can not take away the exhaust gas generated when the gas is burned. This kind of gas is more harmful to the human body.

Furniture worms coated with peppercorns

Wood furniture with insects can be smashed into sharp peppers or peppers, stuffed into insect holes, and then coated with paraffin oil for 10 days to remove insects.

The floor drain is made of stainless steel.

The surface of cast iron and cast copper floor drain is rough and easy to rust, and the displacement is small and the flow rate is slow. The PVC floor drain has poor anti-aging performance and is easily deformed when exposed to heat.

Wallpaper only sticks to a wall

The wallpaper itself and the adhesive will release volatile organic compounds, so it can be used only to decorate visual points such as video walls and theme walls.

Sweating should use bamboo charcoal mattress

The porous structure of bamboo charcoal allows the mattress to absorb carbon dioxide, ammonia and high-humidity sweat from the skin, and to keep the body comfortable during sleep.

Room color can also cure

Orange can induce appetite, indigo can help relieve pain after surgery, and purple can calm and relieve tension.

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Standard function:

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The spindle, extended bar is used for special request of customs, it also can be cut by user to the length they want.

Optional function:

5.  Service key system: 1pcs, Once the owner's key be used, the  service key will be disabled.

6.  Stiffening device: Central breaking-proof, anti-snap, body reinforcement

7.  Owner card: As a indication of the key duplication and quality guarantee

8.   Master Key or Key Alike are available

9.   Finish:   01-Brass polished with varnish

                  02-Bright Nickel plated

                  03-Satin Nickel Plated

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