Home improvement rendering steps

First, read the design drawings and find out the design intent. This is not only to understand the spatial structure of the design, but more importantly, to understand the designer's design ideas and concepts, in order to grasp the style and atmosphere that needs to be expressed in the rendering scene. Second, according to the design drawings for modeling work. According to [ur[/u, establish a ground frame, wall, ceiling, etc. in the scene, add a camera to the frame, and further adjust the camera's [parameter] to a satisfactory angle, then you can create it in the scene. Other [ur type [/u furniture. Third, the model to be built according to the requirements of the drawings, in the 3DSMAX scene to move, rotate, scale, etc., these components line frame integration.

4. After placing various building components and shapes in the proper position, you can give materials to various objects in the scene. The same material can be used to assign multiple different objects. When assigning materials to each part of the wire frame, it is required that the overall material should have a main base color to avoid large-area contrast colors.

Fifth, adjust the lighting environment in the scene, so that the entire scene object can show a better sense of production and layering. During the process of making outdoor renderings, when adding light to the scene, it should be noted that the difference in the number of lights and the distribution of the lights in each area will produce different indoor light and shadow effects in the scene, and the atmosphere of the performance may be greatly different. At this time, special attention should be paid to making the light and shadow effects and atmosphere generated by the lighting layout contradict [ur]. In addition, when adjusting the [color] and [multiplier] of the sprinkling, it should be noted that the color and brightness of the material of the object will also be affected by the change. 6. Appropriately increase the sketches, paintings, flowers, characters in the scene. The scene is so vivid that the whole scene is more vivid. Adding a character to a rendering scene Another important purpose is to set a reasonable spatial scale for the effect icon.

Seven, rendering output. The size of the output image depends on the size of the drawing. Generally, the resolution of the home improvement rendering image is preferably not less than 120 dpi (120 pixels/inch). Eight, at the end of the production renderings, you can add greening and matching scenes for it. This process is called "post-processing of renderings" and generally needs to be in photoshp etc. [ur software [/u. Post processing in photoshop. Generally, it is necessary to adjust the base color, brightness and contrast of the whole picture, so that the picture shows a better color sense and layering; adding various scenes makes the picture appear more vivid; appropriate light and shadow effect processing is performed to make the whole picture appear Better artistic effect. Nine, print out. When there are conditions, it is best to carry out the process of attaching a film, mounting, etc., so that the effect picture is more artistic.

Calcium Carbide

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Calcium Carbide

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