How much bedroom wallpaper wallpaper maintenance method of a bedroom wallpaper

Wallpapers are now loved by many people. The wallpapers on the market are all varied and make you dazzled. So how much is a roll of bedroom wallpaper? Today Xiao Bian will give you a description of how much the bedroom wallpaper wallpaper and bedroom wallpaper maintenance methods . Come and learn about it together.

How much is the bedroom wallpaper

The average bedroom only needs 6-10 rolls of wallpaper is enough. The price is determined by the brand, there are a few to a few hundred do not wait. In addition to the price of the wallpaper or the calculation of labor costs and glue costs, labor costs are generally 25-30 yuan per roll, glue fee is 50-80 yuan per bag, a bag of glue can paste 4-5 roll wallpaper. The total length of the room including the doors and windows of the perimeter, but floor-to-ceiling windows and built-in closets are not counted. K is the wallpaper loss rate, which is generally 3-10.

Wallpaper maintenance

The maintenance of the wallpaper is also very important, and some wallpapers will be moldy. There are many reasons that are not necessarily due to the wallpaper body, and some are the reason of the wall itself. Due to the poor quality of the wall, water seepage problems are likely to occur. If the material of the wallpaper with poor air permeability is selected, there will be a considerable chance of moldiness.

After the cement is finished, it usually takes about 20 days to 40 days to maintain it. This will allow the walls to dry up. Also pay special attention to whether sea sand is mixed in, because sea sand is high in salt content and it is easy to absorb moisture. Of course, the gap in the wall should be filled to avoid emptying.

Say "three points of material and seven divisions of work", which means that even if the material is not as good as it is, it is useless. When paving, besides paying attention to the alignment of the mosaic, it is also necessary to accurately grasp the reserved width of the contraction joint, and to avoid opening the contraction joint directly to the upwind mouth.

During construction, or after completion, try not to open the doors and windows within 24 hours. Excessive convective winds will cause the wallpaper to drastically dry, resulting in uneven shrinkage. After completion, it is necessary to pay attention to adjust ventilation to prevent moisture from entering the firmness of the adhesive.

Read the bedroom wallpaper described above, how much money a roll, bedroom wallpaper maintenance methods . Whether it is more knowledge of the wallpaper knowledge, I hope to help you, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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