How much is the decoration budget? The 100-level European style is only one hundred thousand

Xiaoming and his lover Xiaohong, after years of hard work, finally saved up and bought a 100 square meter house. After getting the house key, it was ready to be decorated. Before the decoration begins, Xiaoming also needs to figure out a very important thing, that is, the decoration budget .

How much does a 100 square meter house renovation cost? There is no exact answer to this question. But in order to give Xiaoming a sense of mind, the editor specially found him a European style case he likes, which is also 100 square meters. How much did this family spend?

Case background introduction

Location: Kunming

Area: 100 square meters

Decoration style: European style

Decoration method: all inclusive

Decoration budget: about 140,000

living room

Decoration budget: ≈50,000

The area of ​​the living room is about 35 square meters, and the basic hard decoration cost about 50,000 yuan. This is just a simple decoration of the wall and the floor. You should know that the European style has always been famous for luxury, and the choice of decoration materials and soft decoration is of good quality and high price. Such as a set of European-style furniture and the design of the sofa background wall, etc., the price required to add them together needs more than 30,000 yuan.


Decoration budget:> 20,000

The overall decoration design of the restaurant continues the style of the living room. A large-scale integrated ceiling is matched with a gorgeous crystal chandelier. Below is a round solid wood dining table. Although there are not many furnitures, the price is not very cheap. The overall decoration is almost necessary. Nearly 20,000 yuan.


Decoration budget:> 10,000

The bedroom has a European-style solid wood bed and bedside table with a market price of more than 10,000 yuan. The retro floor tiles laid on the floor look very classic. With the plaster wall decoration, the overall style has improved a lot in an instant. Sleeping in such a space is like living in a palace.


Decoration budget: ≈40,000

For the decoration of the kitchen, although it seems that there is no luxury in other places, in fact, the quality of the decoration materials selected is the best. So don't look at the small size of the kitchen, it can cost nearly 40,000 yuan to be renovated, including a series of modern appliances, making life very convenient.


Decoration budget: ≈20,000

The humidity in the bathroom is generally very heavy, so pay special attention to the waterproof performance of the decoration materials when decorating. In addition, the installation of water and electricity lines and the waterproofing of walls and floors cost a lot of labor, and the overall decoration is about 20,000 yuan. On the soft decoration, we can see the wood-grained tiles and the white bathroom combination, which instantly warm up the entire bathing space.

Chinese style, American style, Nordic style ... Different decoration styles require different costs. Like the European style that Xiao Ming likes, it is more “luxury” than other home styles. The decoration budget is hard to say. In short, how many meters under the pot.

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European style decoration budget 100-109 flat

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