How much is the size of the kitchen cabinet? How to install the kitchen cabinet and precautions

In order to make up for the defects in the apartment type and to make full use of the space in the kitchen, most families will install hanging cabinets in the kitchen to expand the storage space. In addition, the layout and installation of the kitchen cabinets can also be improved. The beauty of the entire kitchen. Of course, in order to make the entire space more coordinated, we must pay attention to the size of the kitchen cabinet . Then, what is the standard size of kitchen cabinets? If you have such needs, you may wish to follow me to learn about the relevant standards for cabinet size standards.

Kitchen hanging cabinet size

First, measure the size according to the owner's height standard

The height of the cabinets depends on the height of the family members. The height of the countertop must be set within the reach of the tentacles. The cabinet cannot meet and the owner can store the items. According to China's average height, the size of the hanging cabinet is between 650-700mm, the depth is 300mm or 350mm, and the width can be designed flexibly.

Second, according to the different models and specifications of the cabinet

There are also slight differences in the sizes of cabinets and cabinets of different brands and models. The height of cabinets is 600m-700mm and the width is between 300-400mm. If you don't like too many doors, the width will be wider. Satisfy access to items.


How to fix the kitchen wall cabinet on the wall

1, nail a wooden bar at the bottom of the cabinet;

2. Drill a hole in a structurally strong wall, nail it into a wooden wedge, and mark the position.

3, wooden cabinets to the wall, the bottom on the top of the wooden bar. Screw in the long screw in the skeleton position.


How to install the kitchen cabinet

(1) Cabinets are to be installed after ceilings, floors, and walls have been renovated. The manufacturer is responsible for the installation.

(2) Before installing the cabinet, draw a horizontal line on the wall and then install it along the line.

(3) After positioning, drill in a fixed position and install it.

(4) Wall cabinets are fixed to the wall with 2-4 expansion wires. The wall cabinets are best on solid walls, otherwise they are easy to fall off.


Kitchen cabinet installation considerations

1. Distance between connection points of wall cabinet and wall

Wall cabinet and wall should not exceed 50cra, otherwise it is easy to cause the installation is not strong.

Pay attention to draw a horizontal line on the wall when installing the cabinet

Before installing the cabinet, draw a horizontal line on the wall and install it along the horizontal line.

3, the size of the cabinet

The height of the kitchen cabinet should be 50.60 centimeters, 30 to 45 centimeters deep and 120 to 390 centimeters long.

4. The installation of the wall cabinet frame should be completed before the interior plastering is completed.

The kitchen cabinet frame is installed before plastering indoors to prevent potential safety hazards.

5, height of cabinet installation

According to the user's habits to determine the height of the cabinet. Generally between 1580 and 1600mm.

Editor's summary: The above is the kitchen cabinet size is the number of kitchen cabinet installation methods and precautions related to knowledge, hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

Kitchen hanging cabinet size

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