How to choose a gas stove? Secret three core purchase indicators

The gas stove is from the core of the kitchen. The taste of a dish is related to the skill of the cook and the quality of the gas stove. However, the number of gas stoves on the market is numerous and the quality is uneven. Many consumers are When choosing, it is often followed by the idea of ​​the shopping guide. After buying it for a while, many problems arise.

Professionals say that the appearance and type of gas stoves vary widely, but as long as the following points are grasped, it is not difficult to select products with guaranteed quality.

Gas stove purchase indicator one: material

Current gas stove panels are preferably stainless steel and tempered glass. Stainless steel should try to choose one-piece molding, otherwise there will be gaps, difficult to clean; tempered glass is dirt-resistant and easy to scrub, more suitable for home fashion, avant-garde, simple and bright home use, the panels of the two materials are relatively good.

Gas stove purchase standard two: ignition

At present, there are two main ignition methods for gas stoves. One is piezoelectric ceramic ignition. The advantage of this method is that no battery is needed, but there are certain requirements for the environment. When the humidity is high, it is not easy to point to the fire, and the natural gas and the biogas are compared. It is difficult to ignite; another type of electromagnetic pulse ignition is convenient and reliable to use, and the ignition rate can reach 100%. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a pulse-ignited gas stove.

Gas stove purchase standard three: safety

In recent years, explosions caused by gas stoves have emerged endlessly, posing great threats to people's lives and property. The cause of accidents is not only related to improper operation of users, but also inseparable from the poor quality of gas stoves.

Material, ignition and safety are some important indicators when choosing a gas stove. In addition, it is more secure to choose a large brand of electrical appliances.

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