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Lai's Furniture Newsletter Now there are more Wujin furniture on the market, and the price is very uneven. So how can I buy Wujinmu furniture with reasonable price and high quality? This is actually a secret, the following small series will teach you to choose the secret of Wujinmu furniture.

如何挑选乌金木家具 选购乌金木家具诀窍

The first trick: look at the same location texture, beware of "the table is not the same"

According to relevant sources, the market has a low-priced Wujinmu veneer on the surface of the wood that is lower than the price of Wujinmu to fool consumers. How to identify it? Generally, the natural growth of the Wujin wood texture is more natural, irregular, and there may be some flaws, and the skin texture of the leather is regular and perfect. Ms. Liu, who has been engaged in the sale of solid wood furniture for many years, can be judged by looking at the texture and the knot of the furniture surface, that is, whether the surface of the furniture at the same position and the texture inside are the same. If the surface of the furniture has a deep chamfer, it is in the same position. The inner layer will also have traces of chastity, just like a naturally growing apple, which is bitten by insects during the growth process, and the epidermis of the insect eye is cut, and there are still traces of insect eyes.

如何挑选乌金木家具 选购乌金木家具诀窍

The second measure: side panel view, beware of small material finger joints

The most important thing for consumers to buy Wujinmu is the material, which will be a lot worse for commercial households and small materials. It can be seen through the side panels whether it is a large material splicing or a small material finger joint. The large material splicing is spliced ​​together by the good large pieces of wood, while the small material finger joints are connected by a plurality of small pieces of wood. The farthing is not as good as the splicing of the large material, and the glue is used more, and the environmental protection is even worse.

The third measure: the large angled paneling process is stable and durable

Good Wujinmu furniture is the main frame, and then the side panels are inlaid. In fact, this is the traditional craftsmanship of traditional Chinese furniture, which makes the furniture more stable and durable. Some high-quality Wujinmu furniture on the market will adopt the paneling process, making the four corners into large bevels, the male corners straight and the negative angles smooth and not rough, so that the cabinet made from a simple board has strong stereoscopic effect, anti-deformation and stability. Strong, thus increasing the life of the cabinet.

如何挑选乌金木家具 选购乌金木家具诀窍

The fourth measure: When looking at the paint for whitening, you should carefully observe the corners of the panel to see if there is paint white. Good Wujinmu furniture is inlaid into the wooden trough frame before the large material is inlaid into the wooden trough frame. All the materials have been painted in 360°, instead of being inlaid and painted first. This can prevent the solid wood furniture from being whitened and contracted after thermal expansion and contraction. Affected.

如何挑选乌金木家具 选购乌金木家具诀窍

The fifth measure: see the details of the work from the hardware connection

From the details, it can be seen that the workmanship of the furniture is meticulous. The hardware of ordinary furniture is generally fixed on the side panel by means of direct connection. After a long time or after disassembly, it is easy to become loose, and good Wujinmu The furniture is made by adding a piece of wood to the side panel, connecting the hardware, or connecting the hardware to the main frame, so that the nail holding force can be increased, and the hardware will not become loose even if it is used for a long time.

如何挑选乌金木家具 选购乌金木家具诀窍

Sixth trick: shop around three "price king"

As a medium-to-high-end consumer, Wujinmu Furniture recommends that consumers should shop around and go to the market. Furniture of the same material, compared with the details, workmanship, price, comprehensive comparison to choose the most cost-effective, to avoid spending more money.

如何挑选乌金木家具 选购乌金木家具诀窍

The above is the selection of Wujinmu furniture related content, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Lai

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