How to decorate the store decoration, how to decorate the underwear store?

Today, there are more franchise stores, and various franchise stores have their own characteristics. The decoration of the underwear franchise store store directly affects the level of the store brand. The store design of the underwear store is affected by many factors, which directly reflects the image of the store and is related to the brand benefits and extension. So what should you pay attention to in the store decoration ? Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the relevant content!


1. Fitting room. The dressing and fitting room of the store is not big, but it is fine. When you feel a brand, you have to try on its products. The time spent in the fitting room will be the key to making decisions. Therefore, the layout of the fitting room should be well ventilated and the air should be fresh; some places for hanging clothes and some makeup for women should be prepared; there should be a guide for the wearing of the underwear; the color and lighting of the wall are also very good. It is important to make women feel warm, just like in their own room.

2. Terminal product display cabinet. The quality of the storefront display cabinets is related to the impression of consumers on this brand. First of all, the color and shape used in the product display cabinet should be in harmony with the brand's concept; secondly, it can better set off and render the product; third, it must keep up with the trend and will not be outdated.

3. Cashier. It is an important part of the entire store space. The important thing is to be able to coordinate with the showcase and complement each other, and play a role in decorating the store and standardizing it. On the other hand, you can store your data and make it easy to checkout.


4. The design of the exterior wall and door of the store. The facade of the store decoration store is also a brand facade, the most important thing is to clearly show the brand name and logo, to be eye-catching, concise, atmospheric, and to express the brand's cultural philosophy. At the same time, the color and decoration should be clearly different from the shops next to it. For example, high-brightness colors attract the attention of passers-by, and at the same time, through the language of storefront architecture, reflecting certain characteristics of the brand is an important way to make the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

5. Reasonable setting of the cargo yard area. There should be a flow line in the setting of the goods yard area, so that consumers can go through the door to go out and follow the direction of product display, and consciously read the product, there is no dead space in the product display. It is clearly different from the fitting area and the rest area, and at the same time forms a whole. The main purpose is to enable consumers to better select products that they are satisfied with and to have a general understanding of all products.

6, lighting. How to attract women's attention? How to better please them? Retain them? Good lighting has been listed as one of the most important environmental factors by consumers. 75% of consumers think that the lighting of the store is very important and will directly affect Their purchase behavior. Especially for special personal consumption products such as underwear, most women mainly buy by feeling, and the influence of lighting on them is more prominent.

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