How to replace the toilet lid

In our lives, the things we always have at home will take a long time to age, but this year we look for individuals to change toilets, which are higher than our wages. We can't afford to hurt. Don't worry about the beginning of things. Learn to do just fine. Nor is it a special technical job. Don't worry about the small series to teach you how to replace the toilet lid and toilet lid.

How to replace the toilet lid

1, we must first prepare to find all the materials, and put it in an induction box for convenience, and then place the rectangular frame in two small holes.

2. Put the small screw on the left side into the hole on the left side, and put the small screw on the right side into the hole on the right side.

3, and the overall adjustment of a good position, do not worry, with a word screwdriver (screwdriver) first tighten the left screw cap.

4. Use a screwdriver screwdriver to tighten the left screw cap. Use a screwdriver to tighten the right screw cap.

5. If you screw both sides well, you can, after you plug it in, put the last two valves in and you're done.

The role of the toilet lid

1. When you go to the toilet to flush the toilet, because of the pressure of the water, bacteria can fly and we can't see it with the naked eye. The lid can effectively reduce bacteria.

2. When the toilet is covered with a lid, we can also sit on the stool and cover the lid when flushing to effectively reduce the odor.

3. In the case of hospitality or other inconveniences, covering the toilet lid can effectively reduce the sound of flushing. For the use of the workplace, it can help to express humane services and help improve the overall image of the service area.

4, eliminate the foot on the toilet phenomenon, extend the life of the toilet, effectively avoid the infection caused by the skin, sexually transmitted diseases, or fall and fall caused by the cover plate, reduce sanitary paper and clean water, save energy .

Summary: The above is Xiaobian probably summed up how to replace the toilet lid and toilet lid related knowledge. Reminder, changing the toilet seat is not a high-tech job, hope that the above knowledge can help you.

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