Huajing Company organized a special training conference on brand promotion

In order to strengthen the company's employees' awareness of the current market situation and improve the basic business knowledge of employees. On the morning of November 8, 2017, Huajing Company organized a special promotion training session on brand promotion in the first conference room of C1 of the High-tech Enterprise Accelerator. The training session was hosted by Hao Jing, the director of Huajing Company's brand center. Staff from various functional departments of the company attended the event. 1510800248114159.png The theme of this training is “Resolving Millennials, Defining Brand Promotion Direction and How to Move Our Target Customers”. Firstly, we reviewed the concept of brand and brand promotion separately. Secondly, we systematically introduced the overall framework of brand promotion. And comprehensively analyzed the changes in the market environment, consumption patterns, consumer psychology, marketing and promotion methods under the new consumption patterns; finally, the promotion direction of Huajing brand was expounded. The content of the lectures is clear, the framework is complete, and the lectures and case studies are cross-cutted. In the way of audience interaction, Huajing employees have brought a deeply rooted brand feast, which has been well received by colleagues.
This training is the second brand topic of Huajing Company following the “First Session of Huajing Fashion Jewelry Brand” in 2017. Huajing employees realized that the establishment of Huajing brand is not easy, and each employee of Huajing should establish Brand awareness. Huajing Company will also devote its efforts to creating a diamond brand exclusively for Huajing, promoting diamond culture, popularizing diamond applications, and realizing the diamond dream of Huajing people's independent shining!

 With the development of semiconductor industry technology and the refinement of component in integrated circuits, plasma etching technology has been widely used in semiconductor manufacturing process due to its advantages such as anisotropic etching, process compatibility and few etching residues. The etching gas manufactured by our company is usually fluoride gas, including nitrogen trifluoride, perfluorobutadiene, Hexafluoroethane, octafluoropropane, etc.

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