Industrial floor paint construction process

1 Waterproof treatment: the ground floor of the first floor needs to be waterproofed;

2 plain treatment: sanding, repairing and dust removal according to the condition of the plain;

3 epoxy primer: using a strong and adhesive epoxy primer to roll together to enhance surface adhesion;

4 epoxy intermediate coating: add epoxy resin to an appropriate amount of quartz sand, and evenly coat it with a file;

5 epoxy soil: According to the actual needs of the construction of several roads, it is required to achieve a flat non-porous hole, no batch of knife printing and sanding printing shall prevail;

6 self-flowing flat paint: evenly spread with a self-leveling epoxy topcoat. After completion, the whole ground will be bright and clean, the color is uniform, and there is no empty drum;

7 Construction completed: 24 hours before you can go to the person, 72 hours can be stressed. (25 °C shall prevail, and the low temperature open time shall be moderately extended.)

Geosynthetics Series

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1. Geogrid-unaxial geogrid, Biaxial Geogrid, Fiberglass geogrid, Polyester Geogrid, welding geogrid etc.

2. HDPE geomembrane

3. HDPE geocell

4. PP/PET non woven geotextile

5. Geonet/drainage net

6. Woven Geotextile

7. Geotube

8. Geofiber

9. Geosynthetic clay liner(GCLs)

10. Geocomposites

Geosynthetics Series

Geosynthetics Series

Uniaxial Geogrid,Biaxial Geogrid,Fiberglass Geogrid,Polyester Geogrid

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