Insecticide spray has standard

In the prevention and control of crop pests, pesticides have played an important role, and pesticides are widely used in agricultural production. However, pesticides are sprayed with standards , and the Chinese pesticide nets are compiled to explain the specifics.
There are many kinds of symptomatic pesticides, each of which has its own insecticidal characteristics. In the use of pesticides to control crop pests, it is necessary to achieve the best insecticidal effect. In addition to selecting the right medicine and appropriate medication, special attention should be paid. The following two issues are easily overlooked.
First, according to the dangerous parts of the pests, choose different medicines and adopt different application methods;
For example, the control of red bollworm and cotton bollworm will take the medicine to the flower buds, the green bells and the group tips; the control of the mites will cause the dead seedlings to scatter the poisonous soil; the control of the white spikes will be sprayed or poured; the control of rice planthoppers and rice Ye Hao sprayed the liquid to the base of the rice plant; the control of Spodoptera litura sprinkled the liquid onto the flower buds and young pods.
Second, according to the characteristics of climate and the law of day and night activities of pests, choose to apply drugs in favorable time;
For example, it is advisable to apply pesticides at 9:00 to 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm; at this time, the pesticide can be applied to the crops in advance, and the pests are exposed to contact at dusk and nighttime or when feeding. Death by venom or feeding poisoning, and avoiding evaporation loss and photolysis failure of the liquid.

The summary of the " Pesticide Spraying Standard " Pesticide Network is summarized here. To learn more about pesticides such as pesticide encyclopedia, please log in to the China Pesticide Network to check it out!

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