Japan has researched the world's most powerful laser with the highest power

According to foreign media reports, a recent research team from Osaka University in Japan has developed the world's most powerful new laser, which belongs to the second-class Petawa pulsed laser with an energy of up to 2,000 megawatts. If you don't have a concept for 2000 trillion, then we can tell you in a more intuitive way, that is 2000000000000000 watts! However, this super-energy pulsed laser lasted only about one trillionth of a second (1000000 millionth of a second).

The laser was named LFEX (laser fast ignition test) and reached a length of 300 feet. Interestingly, although the LFEX laser has a particularly large amount of energy, it doesn't require any special effort to make it.

If you remember the physics knowledge of high school, you know that electric energy (watt) is an energy, and because the team at Osaka University keeps this laser for a short time, it takes only a few hundred joules to achieve such amazing power. energy of. The researchers used a series of lenses to continuously magnify the original laser through a series of lenses, and finally formed this super new laser.

"The world is very competitive for improving the performance of lasers, and our ultimate goal is to be able to output 10 megawatts of laser power," said Junju Kawanaka, an associate professor at the School of Electrical Engineering at Osaka University, in a statement. This new type of laser has indeed left a very deep impression on us, and it is also of great significance as a scientific project. As for how to use it in the future, it remains to be studied.

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