Laser welding robot application based on dynamic simulation analysis

In modern automobile manufacturing, robotic welding is an important welding process in automotive production lines. With the rapid development of laser welding technology, many automobile manufacturers at home and abroad began to replace traditional robot resistance spot welding technology with robot laser welding on the production line. Compared with the traditional welding method, laser welding has many unique advantages: fast welding speed up to 20m/min; low welding deformation and high welding precision; high quality of welding joint metallurgy, improving the fatigue resistance and impact resistance of the vehicle body Corrosion resistance, body stiffness increased by 30%; improved body sealability, reduced noise by 30%; single-sided welding, small solder joint size, reserved weld edge is small.

Laser welding robot workstation

The computer simulation software is used to simulate the actual seat back welding robot system of a foreign model to avoid damage and reduce the risk. The software's standard automatic collision detection function allows the user to generate multiple collisions and close queues to avoid collision. The software also includes an automatic path planner that generates the trajectory of the collision avoidance robot.

The welding robot workstation is divided into the following nine parts:

(1) Welding robot system ABB: IRB 2400-16.
(2) Laser welding equipment TRUMPF: laser generator, cooling system and laser head.
(3) A set of MTC 750 active end + bracket for the displacement system.
(4) Welding room monitoring system camera, display, control system, with cloud platform.
(5) Touch screen console The console consists of a touch screen, a suspension arm, an operation box, an industrial computer display mount and a monitor display mount.
(6) Welding fixture backrest, left side panel, right side panel fixture bracket (for placing three sets of fixtures Jig Base, see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Welding robot workstation 1. Welding robot 2. Seat back clamp assembly 3. Positioner

(7) Electronic control system PLC control system + bus light curtain + three color lights + cable + low voltage electrical + sensor + fixture connector + station lighting + protection parts + Ethernet module + hands to start the console.
(8) Welding work room? Laser room, safety light curtain, safety door, TEKA dust removal system and compressed air treatment system.
(9) Marking equipment is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Marking equipment

The overall layout is shown in Figure 3.

image 3

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