Mink and flannel which is better than three minutes to see the difference!

With the continuous economic development, the textile industry is changing with each passing day. Like the two kinds of fabrics that are often on the market today, mink velvet and flannel can be caught off guard. So, what is better with mink and flannel ? Presumably this is the answer we all want to know. Next, Xiao Bian talked about the related contents of mink and flannel, and to see which one is better.

Hydra and flannel which is good

One, the comparison of the two fabrics

1, flannel fabric

Flannel is a soft, napped wool fabric that is woven with carded wool. Main features: The flannel color is bright and generous, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, suitable for making spring and autumn men and women tops and trousers. The flannel has high gram weight, the plush is fine and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is good. The flannel face has a layer of plump and fine villi covering, without texture, soft and flat, and slightly thinner than Melton. After shrinking, raising hair, feel full, delicate suede.

2, Mink velvet fabric

Mink velvet is a cashmere fabric. Collected from the skin (bottom hair) as raw material. The gun hairs are taken from the velvet and are used in the apparel industry after being machined. Mink velvet is more suitable for the high-end apparel industry than fleece and other fleece fabrics. The most popular cashmere fabrics in the market are fleece, jellyfish, and other types. Mink fur has the characteristics of soft, strong, plush and glossy. After a special washing process, it's skin-friendly, almost no hair loss, can be worn personally and will not be allergic to the skin.

Second, the use of the comparison

1, the use of flannel

Because the flannel surface has a full layer of fluff cover, and its suede is delicate, it is very good fabric choice to use it to make trousers, tops and children's clothing. Some thin flannel can also be used to make shirts and skirts. The original flannel is made of fine wool with 64 yarns, 12 pieces of coarse-grain yarns used in latitude and longitude, and the fabric has plain weaves, twills, etc. The fabrics are plucked and fluffed to make them feel full and delicate. It generally uses loose fibers for dyeing, mainly black and white mixed with different shades of gray or light brown and milky white. The current flannel fabrics also have dyed plain and plaid, striped and other flower patterns. Some flannel fabrics also use combed yarns or cotton yarns for warp and carded yarns for weft, and carded yarns are sometimes spun with a small amount of cotton or viscose.

2, the use of mink velvet

Mink velvet is generally used to make clothes more. The garments made of water-repellent velvet that has been needle-punched and pruned not only retain the warm and comfortable features of fur garments, but they are no longer bloated, even light and elegant, and elegant and elegant. After a modern dyeing process, the mink velvet can present a variety of colors. In addition, the velvet can be cut into different levels of plush by embossing. Therefore, the garments made of treated water velvet have various styles, are fashionable and full of modern life.

Third, the price comparison

1, the price of flannel

Flannel suits the average family because it is affordable.

2, the price of mink cashmere

Mink velvet is a good thing, but now there are many people who cut the hair out of the blister and posing as velvet. In fact, chopped velvet is also the product of mink shearing, but good chopping velvet is a good blister (the type of bottom velvet is very full) for shearing. This will buy someone who has a certain ability to distinguish between cashmere and cashmere. But it's too expensive!

After reading the above introduction, what is the best for Mink and flannel? Your answer is already there! For more information on soft mounting, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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