new product: stainless steel mesh screen

1. Brief introduction Stainless steel mesh screen is also called stainless steel security mesh, security screen mesh, advanced invisible window screen mesh with elegant appearance, sturdy and durable property. The screen mesh surface is flat and coated with matte black, white, yellow and grey colors present easy installation, super articulation and safety protection. It is usually assembled with aluminium alloy frame and has good insect prevention, air ventilation, elegant appearance, anti riot and anti aging performance. 2. Specification 10 mesh x 0.9 mm 11 mesh x 0.8 mm 11 mesh x 0.75 mm 11 mesh x 0.7 mm 12 mesh x 0.65 mm 14 mesh x 0.6 mm 14 mesh x 0.58 mm 14 mesh x 0.55 mm 14 mesh x 0.5 mm 3. Raw materials Stainless steel (201, 304,316,316L), galvanized steel, carbon steel, manganese steel 4. Knitting method Plain weave, ginning for weave, herringbone weave 5. wire size 700 mm x 2400 mm 800 mm x 2400 mm 900 mm x 2400 mm 1200 mm x 2400 mm 1300 mm x 2400 mm 1500 mm x 2400 mm Rolling wire size 0.5 m-1.5m width x 31.5 m 6. Package Inter package is plastic bag and outer is wooden box or wooden pallet Specification Quantity Net weight Gross weight Box volume Box size 750x2000mm 100 piece 278kg 214kg 0.187m3 770x2020x120mm 750x2400mm 100 piece 333kg 376kg 0.22m3 770x2420x120mm 900x2000mm 100 piece 333kg 378kg 0.223m3 920x2020x120mm 900x2400mm 100 piece 400kg 460kg 0.267m3 920x2420x120mm 1200x2000mm 100 piece 444kg 502kg 0.30m3 1220x2020x120mm 1200x2400mm 100 piece 533kg 603kg 0.35m3 1220x2420x120mm 1500x2400mm 100 piece 666kg 690kg 0.44m3 1520x2420x120mm 1500x2600mm 100 piece 720kg 750kg 0.48m3 1520x2620x120mm

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