Promoting the export of hardware tools

Promoting the export of hardware tools

The reading data shows that in recent years, the number of Chinese hardware tools has been increasing, and the quality of products has also been constantly improving. However, in order to maintain this advantage, the hardware industry’s producers and sellers must also increase their own advantages and make full use of external conditions, so as to further expand sales scope and sales volume.

Judging from the current overall industry development trend, we can mainly start from the following aspects:

First, improve product innovation technology and added value; high-tech, high value-added export goods gradually replace the original low value-added hardware tools, in order to obtain the industry's competitive advantage we must continue to innovate, replace old with more advantageous products The market for products is not a negation of their previous products. It is only following the trend of market development and constantly innovating in the competition.

Second, to find the market surplus value, that is, to survive in the cracks; for small and medium enterprises, it is very difficult to compete with large companies positively. However, not all markets have been developed, and there must be some excavations. Markets, such as European and American markets that avoid economic hot spots, have their sights on Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. This not only staggers the core areas of competition, but on the other hand, the economic development of these countries is relatively weak, and they can make full use of this point. For SMEs, it can also reduce the cost of developing new products.

Third, we must make our own brand; at present, there are still many small and medium-sized enterprises that are dealing with the production of some relatively high-ranking enterprises. In fact, the technology of these small enterprises can pass through, but unfortunately the brand awareness is not enough, so Profits distributed throughout the industry chain can only be a small part. If you want to have your own brand, you must first know how to manage and package yourself. Since it is technically possible to pass, it shows that the product has the potential to be recognized, so to believe in their own products, the previous period may not be effective, but As time accumulates, the brand effect will increase, which is a time accumulation process.

Finally, for some companies with larger companies, they must keep their own brand bottom line. If they want to stand firm in the market for a long time, they must pay more attention to the maintenance of the brand, whether it is from product quality or after-sales service, all must come to an end. The sale of products is the first step. The after-sales service is an important part of creating renewable resources for the company.

The hardware market is constantly changing. Companies must also follow the trend of the times. In the era of the Internet, we must make full use of the advantages of the Internet and show our products to more buyers to have more opportunities.

1. Product Description:

This product is a kind of styrene-acrylic ester high molecular polymer,it can be used with starch to do surface sizing on paper, increase the surface strength of paper,thereby to achieve the best water resisting property.

2. Specifications:




Brown beige liquid

Solid content










Flash Point

>  200℃Auto Ignition Temp

4. Use Method:

The product is weak cationic, it can be used with cation and nonionic additive, such as cationic starch,basic dye and polyvinyl alcohol etc, but cannot be mix used with additive of strong cation.

The consumption of the product depends on the quality of base paper, internal sizing and size resistance. It is usually 0.5-2.5% of oven dry weight.


5. Package and storage:

200KG or 1000KG plastic drums.

The storage period is 6 months below the temperature 5-35℃,keep away from sunlight and frost.

Styrene Acrylic Copolymer

Styrene Acrylic Copolymer

Styrene Acrylic Copolymer,Cationic Styrene Acrylic Copolymer,Anionic Styrene Acrylic Copolymer,Sizing Agent For Corrugated Paper

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