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In mid-February this year, a German company designed and launched a super luxury safe for cigars, which was sold for 80,000 pounds (about 770,000 yuan).

In the eyes of the average person, this is not an ordinary luxury. Is it just a safe designed to store cigars? The point is not here but it is that its security system is good enough. This super deluxe safe is made of calf leather and expensive metal, lined with Spanish cedar, uses an embedded electronic humidification system to control the environment, built-in silent alarm system and unique software design. In addition, the safe can be customized, the owner set up eight rotating watch boxes to ensure safety. No matter from its material, appearance, alarm system, etc., it can be said to be perfect.

To talk about the history of the safe can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In medieval paintings, occasional wooden cabinets containing gold, silver and jewelry are seen. This is the prototype of a modern safe. The 18th-century Louis Vuitton wooden safe in the 18th century Louis Vuitton jewelry for the famous French cabinet manufacturer FICHE-BAUCHE. This kind of safe cabinet resembles furniture, without special locks, and is less safe. At the beginning of the 19th century 200 years ago, with the growth of the social economy, the safe industry began to develop. In Europe, there was a special lock manufacturer. In 1818, the UK CHUBB company was established (after nearly 200 years today, CHUBB has become the industry's best in the safe industry). In 1825, the French company FICHE-BAUCHE was founded. These manufacturers then began manufacturing safes. The material of the safe has changed from wood to a variety of solid metals, but it is basically based on splicing techniques or integral castings that use woodware. Both the appearance and craftsmanship are similar to the furniture at that time, and the precision of locks is not high.

In the late 1950s, the lock industry was not yet developed. Although the appearance of safes at that time was changing with each passing day, there was no major development in the precision and reliability of locks. In the late 1960s, the Americans invented a lock mechanism and a multi-lock technology for safes. The safety performance of safes has greatly improved.

In the 1960s and 70s of the 20th century, with the rapid development of semiconductor technology, the industry developed an electronic code lock, which is also widely used in various types of safe products. Afterwards, LED and LCD digital displays were used in safes. The user's demand for fire prevention also spawned various types of fire protection products. The development of fingerprint scanning and identification technology promoted the use of fingerprint locks in safes, and the popularity of magnetic cards led to magnetic card safes. ... and the product categories of the safes are based on the simplest features that have been developed so far, such as anti-theft, fire prevention, anti-theft/fire prevention, anti-magnetic, home, commercial, hotel, firearms, and file/data.

China Safe Trade Network is an e-commerce platform under the China Netbank, which focuses on safes. It integrates all upstream and downstream companies in the country for genuine procurement and genuine wholesale. Provide consumers with a professional safe trading platform and information, with a wealth of safe resources. Fundamentally, the quality of the safe can be guaranteed. So if you want to pay attention to more safes, please come here! The above information comes from China's safe trading network!

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