Seven tile paving methods to create a personalized home

The way the tiles are paved has a great influence on the overall effect of the tiles. At present, most of the renovations still use the traditional methods of the past. Mainly vertical tile bonding, but also mostly cement mortar. The advantage of this approach is that it is regular but less varied and lacks new ideas. With the changes in tile styles, especially the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, the new trend of tile paving is slowly emerging.

Dry paste

The use of tile adhesive paving is also called dry sticking. It changes the wet practice of mortar cement. The tiles do not need to be immersed in the water before they need to be wetted. As long as the basic conditions of the pavement are good, the working conditions can be greatly improved. The bonding effect is also superior to the traditional mortar cement, especially suitable for small and medium-sized projects and home decoration where the working surface is not ideal.

Colorful grout

It is not an ordinary colored cement and is generally used for the ground or wall of the paving. Its characteristic is that the fixing power of the color is strong, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, non-alkaline, non-shrinking, and non-powdering. It not only changes the gap of the tile, but also makes it easy to fall off and stick to the problem, and makes the color of the gap and the matching of the tiles seem to be in harmony.

Edge banding cross frame

The use of these auxiliary materials has greatly improved the construction process of the corners and the corners in the paving, and the 45 degree cutting of the tiles is no longer required, which greatly saves man-hours and breakage. The cross positioning can improve the seam precision when paving the floor tiles and simplify the construction process.

Combination of various specifications

It is characterized by selecting a variety of floor tiles of different geometric sizes to be paved in groups in a certain combination. Because the tiles are combined by different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground change instantly and change and vivid in the order.

Floor tiles are randomly combined in multiple colors

This is the latest paving trend of Spanish tiles, which is a random combination of tiles with different glaze colors. Its visual effects vary widely. It is delusional that this is a challenge to our traditional "symmetric unity" aesthetics. It is suitable for larger halls.

Sewed paving

Nowadays, the market is popular with antique floor tiles, which mainly emphasize the return of history. The glazed surface is also treated with corroded and uneven edges. It is filled with colored cement for the necessary gaps left in the paving, so that the overall effect unifies the historical sense of dignity.

Wall covering

The combination of 45 degree diagonal paving and vertical paving makes the wall rich and varied from the more monotonous geometric lines, enhancing the three-dimensional and lively atmosphere of the space.

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