Shanghai Youdisi Smart Lock - Shanghai Youdisi smart lock how?

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, a lock plays a new trick. From the unlocking of keys to fingerprints, passwords, and card unlocking, the Shanghai Friends of Smart Lock now opens the era of “brushing the face”. So, what about this "brush face" smart lock? Let's introduce it to you.

Shanghai Youdisi Smart Lock Introduction

Youdis is a company that focuses on R&D and innovative security access control systems. It has served in security guarding systems for special industries such as bank vaults, gun magazines, and prisons for nearly 20 years. Market share exceeds 60%. Since 2011, the company has successively launched civilian locks, human face locks and touch locks, and its leading scientific research technology is favored by the industry.


Shanghai Youdis Smart Lock Advantage

1. The UDS Face Lock is a new concept door lock using the face recognition system. Unlike fingerprint locks, which are susceptible to physical and environmental influences and are easily copied, face locks are characterized by more accurate, safer, and more convenient use.

2. Youdiz touch lock eliminates the need to find the key to insert the keyhole, as long as your hand touches the door handle, it immediately unlocked, the entire reaction process takes only 0.1 seconds, giving the user a quick Open the door experience.

3, the design of fashion, and the material is strong, able to resist violence to unlock.

The era of “brushing the face” to unlock has arrived! When this product was born, the general manager of Youdisi Smart Lock first used his home for six months and became a fan of Youdisi Smart Lock. It's on the market! Smart locks that can “sweep” are still young, and let's wait and see how it will develop in the future!

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