Shenhan floor tells you 11 tips to help you solve all kinds of "strange taste" in your home. It's so practical!

The corners of the home are most prone to odors, and are not easy to clean. Use these tips to ease the taste.
1. The musty plum rain season is coming. Every time at this time, the interior of the house is very humid, and the interior of the trunk, closet, and drawer often exudes musty smell. You can put a soap inside to remove the musty smell. You can also put dried tea leaves in a gauze bag and distribute them everywhere. It not only removes musty smell, but also gives off a hint of fragrance.
2. Cigarette smoke After smoking in the room, smoke lingers, which is unhealthy, and the smoky smell is always lingering. If you are distressed by this problem, you can use a gauze vinegar in the room to swing or point a candle, the smell of cigarettes.
3, paint flavor New paint on the walls or furniture has a strong smell of paint, to remove the paint smell, you only need to put two pots of cold salt water in the room, one or two days to remove the paint smell, you can also soak the onion pots, the same effective.
4, stew meat stew meat, add a few orange peel in the pot, can be odor or greasy, and increase the flavor of the soup.
5, fishy flavor If there is a fishy smell in the cooking pot, you can heat the pot, put some warm tea used, the smell of fish will disappear.
6, tofu sour acid found in tofu, soaked with 5% of the soda solution for half an hour, rinse, sour taste is removed.
7, refrigerator odor Refrigerator placed in a variety of ingredients, will have a long taste. If the odor is not great, you can use a neutral detergent (generally used in the home to clean the refrigerator), dry, and then wipe the refrigerator with alcohol, dry it. Be careful not to rub with iodine alcohol and it is easy to stain the refrigerator. If the taste is relatively large, you can add tea leaves, vinegar or orange peel to taste.
8, kitchen odor cooking in the kitchen cooking, food, a variety of flavor is very strong, in the pot put a little vinegar heating evaporation, kitchen odor can be eliminated.
9, room odor indoor air pollution, can be a few drops of perfume or toilet water on the bulb, Fengyou Jing, will emit bursts of fragrance after hot, refreshing.
10, bathroom odor at home Although the bathroom is often washed, there may still be odor, can be a box of cool oil or Fengyou Jing opened after the toilet corner, both deodorant can also be repellent. A small glass of balsamic vinegar can also be placed and the odor will naturally disappear. 11. People with flowers and odors who grow flowers indoors will encounter this problem. If the fermented solution is used as fertilizer, it will give off an odor. At this time, the fresh orange peel can be chopped and mixed into the liquid fertilizer and watered together. Taste can be eliminated.

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