Slippery Chicken System Development

Development of the slippery chicken system; consult Jiangsheng 189 Electric 0227 micro 8940] Development of the mobile slippery chicken APP; development of the slippery chicken likes.
Special note: The company is a development company, not a platform
Features of Slippery Chicken APP:
1. Get rewards for eggs by going online for tasks every day, and eggs can be redeemed for red envelopes;
2. Through likes, forwarding, and sharing of new paragraphs, you will get egg rewards;
3. All the people come to forward, everyone is a shareholder will have income, and can also buy back dividends;
The highlights of the slippery chicken APP:
Collect eggs every day, waiting to make money, the operation is very simple, easy to get started;
Sign in online, like to forward, post new paragraphs, do tasks to earn egg rewards;
Everyone is a shareholder and can receive eggs on the line. Red envelopes can also be repurchased for dividends.
Evaluation of the slippery chicken dividend version:
1. The entertainment interactive platform created by blockchain technology is very interesting, and you can also go online every day to do tasks to get eggs;
2. You can also get rewards for eggs by posting paragraphs, likes and forwarding paragraphs. However, eggs can be exchanged for red envelopes or participate in dividends.

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