Steps to decorate the bathroom

As everyone's quality of life improves improperly, in home decoration, everyone has higher and higher requirements for bathroom decoration. Although decorating the bathroom will not cost as much money and energy as the bedroom, living room and other areas, but it also needs a reasonable design. So, what are the steps to decorate the bathroom ? Let's go to understand it with the editor.

Steps to decorate the bathroom

1. Steps to renovate the bathroom-hydropower transformation

The renovation of the bathroom is first and foremost a hydropower transformation. The quality of the hydropower transformation is related to our future use in life. All are very important. The first consideration is the specific location, size and installation method of all equipment related to hydropower. When we determine the plan, we not only consider the current use requirements, but also need to consider some changes that may occur in the future, so we need to make reservations.

2. Steps to decorate the bathroom-waterproof treatment

After the water and electricity transformation is completed, the following is the waterproof treatment. The toilet is a space that is often wet. Therefore, waterproof measures must be taken. The waterproof treatment of the bathroom is only for the waterproofing of the ground, and the waterproofing of the wall is also required, and all the switches and sockets used inside must have waterproof covers. Although the decoration of the bathroom is more troublesome, everyone must do a good job of waterproofing every detail, which will save us a lot of trouble in the future.

3. Steps to decorate the bathroom-tiling

The tiles used in the bathroom are not only to be decorated, but also waterproof. This kind of tiles with water resistance plays a very good role in protecting the walls and floors of the bathroom. The tiles used on the floor of the toilet are not only waterproof but also non-slip. It is recommended that you can choose tiles with uneven patterns on the surface.

4. Steps to decorate the bathroom-do a ceiling

The material of the ceiling must also have a waterproof function, because water vapor will be generated during bathing and then evaporate onto the ceiling. If a non-waterproof material is used, mold and deformation will occur over time. You can choose aluminum-plastic plate or aluminum buckle plate, aluminum-plastic plate is more economical, but easier to deform. The installation of aluminum gusset is very convenient and durable.

5. Steps to decorate the bathroom-bathroom supplies

The last step is to install bathroom products. You can choose the style and size of bathroom products according to your preferences, style and size of the indoor space.

Article Summary: on the bathroom renovation bathroom renovation process steps and small series introduced here, I hope for your help in the decoration. Here I remind you that although the bathroom space is small, the use function is very powerful, so you must pay attention to details when decorating. If you want to know more about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to this website.

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