Sudden! Steel mill sintering machine shaft furnace "all stop"! Steel market impact please check ~

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According to the prediction of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Meteorological Bureau, the wind direction of the Tangshan City from the afternoon of the 20th to the early morning of the 21st, the northerly winds from the northwest to the northeast, the wind is 2-3, and the temperature is reversed at 600 meters on the 20th from the 22nd to the 21st at 21st. It is easy to cause accumulation of near-surface pollutants. In order to reverse the current unfavorable situation in the city's rankings, further control and control, under the premise of ensuring safe production, Yutian County, Zunhua City, Qianxi County, Qian'an City, Fengrun District, Lubei District, Guye District The Kaiping District and Jixian Industrial Enterprises are required to strictly implement the following measures from 12:00 to 21:00 on the 20th:

1. The sintering machine and shaft furnace of the iron and steel enterprises are all stopped.

2. The coking enterprise stops loading coal for coking;

3. The independent lime kiln enterprises stopped production, and the enterprise lime kiln stopped production 50%;

4. The foundry company ceases production;

5. Kaiping Steep Electric, Datang Qian'an Thermal Power, Qian'an Henghui Thermal Power, Datang Fengrun Thermal Power, Tangshan Thermal Power Enterprise shall further reduce the production load, particulate matter shall be discharged, and the remaining pollutants shall be reduced to below 60% of the ultra-low emission limit. .

All enterprises resolutely implement measures to stop production restrictions. All county and district governments should organize personnel to inspect and supervise the stoppage and production restrictions of enterprises. The resident enterprises should be in place, supervise the implementation of various control measures of enterprises, and the command center will pass the pollution source online system. Checking by means of calibration and on-site sampling, etc., once the problem is discovered, it will be strictly enforced and deducted from the monthly assessment.

The investigation of Tangshan enterprises revealed that Tangshan Steel Enterprises received today's notice of the suspension of production of the sintering machine at 08:00 on June 20th. In this regard, specific investigations were carried out on steel mills in various regions of Tangshan:

Steel mill 1: Sintering is completely stopped, and the sinter is enough for one week.

Steel mill 2: Sintering is completely stopped, but it is not because of the notification of limited production. The sintering machine has been expanded for the first time in 13 years, and the sinter has been stored for 18 days.

Steel mill 3: Only one sintering machine is open. At present, the sinter is not enough. It has already taken 20,000 tons of externally. If it continues to limit production, it will be harvested.

Steel mill 4: At present, the sintering machine has been completely stopped. The sinter mine has been purchased in the early stage, and the sinter mine has an inventory of 30,000 tons, which is enough for 5 days.

Steel mill 5: At present, the sintering machine is fully stopped, and the finished product inventory is sintered for 7 days in the state of full stop.

Steel mill 6: At present, the sintering machine is completely stopped, and the sinter is more than 10,000 tons.

After investigations from several steel mills, all the research steel mills are currently implementing a total stoppage of the sintering machine. Since Tangshan has continued to release environmentally-friendly production documents since the end of May, the sintering machine is required to be limited in production, and the steel mills are generally enforced. The inventory of sintered finished minerals of Tangshan Steel Plant is in a state of long-term consumption. Many steel mills have feedback and have obtained external procurement in the early stage. Sintered finished ore replenished inventories, but the current inventory of sintered finished ore is still at a low level.

On the whole, if the sintering machine is limited in production for a long time, the steel mill may have insufficient supply of sintered finished ore, which will have certain impact on the blast furnace production. Follow-up will continue to track the report.

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