Talking about the selection strategy of NSK high-precision bearing

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Talking about the selection strategy of NSK high-precision bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-06

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Selection of bearings for NSK high-precision high-speed spindles; usually in the following order:
1; spindle drawing parameters:
In the process of drawing a new spindle; before selecting the bearing; first consider the spindle function parameters; roughly determine the most important function; then enter further exploration. (Including: spindle speed; spindle accuracy; spindle rigidity; spindle life; spindle heating; Spindle reliability)
2; spindle layout:
After determining the spindle parameters; the practical scale of the probe spindle (shaft diameter, length, bearing span).
According to the bearing method (ball or cylindrical roller bearing); the arrangement (column number); the driving method (drive belt, gear, motor, built-in motor); smooth (grease, oil, oil, oil mist, eruption) and other spindle parameters to determine Its layout.
3; spindle scale:
After determining the layout; consider the spindle scale (shaft diameter, length, bearing span).
From the high-precision bearing limit speed, rigidity, risk speed and other aspects; pick the most appropriate scale.
The limit speed of the imported bearings is; followed by the bearing size, variety, combined number of columns; smooth and other conditions change.
4; bearing function:
After determining the size and variety of the fine bearing; consider the detailed depiction of the bearing.
Fully consider the bearing fatigue life, rigidity, heat and other factors; select the most appropriate bearing clearance (preload).
Because of bearing clearance and preload; the most important for bearing function; the more high-speed work, the more important it is, so it is necessary to think carefully. Picking out the time; it will also cause early damage or sintering problems. It is necessary to step 4 Go to step 3; or from step 4 to step 2; repeat thinking.
5; spindle assembly:
After determining the layout of the spindle, consider the necessary conditions for practicing the device.
Accuracy of the shaft and housing of the high-precision bearing, the cooperation of the public service, the tightening force of the tightening nut required for the fixing of the device, the bearing preload after the practical device and the recognition of the internal clearance.

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