The characteristics and functions of CNC punching machine

Core Tip: CNC punching machine is the abbreviation of digital control punching machine. It is an automatic machine tool with program control system. The control system is capable of logically processing a program having control code or other symbolic instructions and decoding it to cause the punch to operate and machine hardware parts. Punching machines determine their different applications due to their own characteristics.

The operation and monitoring of the CNC punching machine is all done in this CNC unit, which is the brain of the CNC punching machine. Compared with ordinary punching machines, CNC punching machines have many characteristics. First, it has high processing precision and stable processing quality. Secondly, it can perform multi-coordinate linkage, and can process parts with complex shapes for shear forming; When the machining parts are changed, generally only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save production preparation time. At the same time, the punch itself has high precision and rigidity, can choose favorable processing amount, and has high productivity; Moreover, the punching machine has high degree of automation and can reduce labor. Intensity; finally, the punching machine has higher requirements on the quality of the operators, and the technical requirements for the maintenance personnel are higher.

CNC punching machine can be used for processing all kinds of metal sheet metal parts. It can automatically complete a variety of complex hole type and shallow drawing forming processing at one time. (Automatically process different shapes of holes of different sizes and pitches as required, or use small die to The punching method punches large round holes, square holes, waist holes and curved contours of various shapes, and can also be processed by special processes such as blinds, shallow stretching, countersunking, flanging holes, ribs, embossing, etc. ). With a simple mold combination, compared with the traditional stamping, it saves a lot of mold cost, can use low cost and short cycle processing small batch, diversified products, has a large processing range and processing capacity, so as to adapt to the market in time. Changes with the product.

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