The latest development of the Shenyi company 100,000 twisting meter super-large series of pneumatic actuators

It is reported that the recent development of the Shenyi company's latest 100,000-meter-class super-large series of pneumatic actuators. This series of products is divided into double-acting and single-acting (spring return), the use of two separate cylinder, easy to manufacture large-size cylinder. Meet all kinds of large-diameter 90-degree travel trip valve needs. The series has a large output torque, flexible and stable operation; cylinder wall and piston shaft hard chrome plated, with good wear resistance, all sliding parts with oil-free lubrication between the shaft and the guide ring to reduce the friction coefficient, to extend Life; U-shaped curve of the pneumatic actuator output torque more suitable for large-diameter ball valve, butterfly valve. The actuator air pressure at 0.5Mpa torque reached 100,000 twisting meters. Pressure 0.6Mpa torque reached 130,000 twisting meters, can drive soft seal ball valve DN1400; Driven soft seal butterfly valve DN3000 (for reference) Adjustable range of two-way adjustment angle of ± 10 °, to meet the needs of various types of rotary valve. The bottom connection is ISO5211 compliant and can be mounted directly on top of ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, etc. Solenoid valve, triple, limit switches and other control accessories easy to install.

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