The main advantages of laser cutting

1. Laser cutting is a non-contact optical thermal processing. It is known as the “universal tool that never wears out”. The workpiece can be placed in any form of tight discharge or tailoring, so that the raw materials can be fully utilized. Since it is non-contact processing, the processed parts do not have any deformation.

2. The efficiency of laser cutting is high. Taking a 1 mm thick aluminum alloy plate as an example, the cutting speed can reach 40 m/min. High efficiency makes the cost per piece of machining down to a geometrical level even lower than traditional machining methods.

3. Laser cutting requires no tools or molds. Under the control of the computer, the flexible processing of the plate and shell parts of any shape in two dimensions and three dimensions can be directly realized. The processing of multi-variety and small-volume rice-gold parts that are especially suitable for the development stage of new products can save costly mold design and manufacturing costs and greatly shorten the production cycle.

4. Laser cut slits are generally between 0.15-0.4mm. The slit is smooth, burr-free and can even directly process the finished spur gear with a certain precision.

Ningbo Actmix produces a group of environmental-friendly Rubber additives & chemicals. As special accelerator for EPDM and other synthetic rubber compound, does not contain any secondary amines which can form nitrosamines during vulcanization; and with excellent performance and dispersion. These chemicals included Actmix®Phosphorodithioic range, Actmix®CLD-80, Actmix®Retarder E-80, Actmix®TBzTD-70, Actmix®ZBEC-70 etc.

Actmix®Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals, impurity free, blocked filter free of extrusive products, scrap rate reduction and higher productivity thanks to filtration.Wider compatibility with other elastomers.

These chemicals are widely used for automotive rubber sealing system, sealing strip, rubber hose etc technical parts.

Environmental-friendly Rubber Chemical

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