Waterproof, dustproof and antiseptic operation column

Three anti-action column applicable scope 1, the ambient temperature of -25 degrees -55 degrees 2, the installation height does not exceed the altitude of 2000m

3, suitable for strong acid, alkali, salt, ammonia, chloride ion corrosion, more water, more dust, humid environment 4, suitable for petroleum, chemical, dock, food, medicine, military and other places 5, for electrical control system The technical parameters of waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosive operation columns used as instruction sending and status monitoring:

Protection class: IP65

Anti-corrosion level: WF1

Material: Engineering plastic 304 stainless steel Installation: Hanging vertical waterproof dustproof and antiseptic operating column Note:

One: Because the inside of the three anti-action columns are sealed, the weather strips will be aged within a certain period of time. Our technicians have replaced all the sealing strips of all the operating cylinders at the site. II: Long-term use in harsh environments Although it is gold, it also fades, not to mention engineering plastic material operation column, in order to avoid the aging of the three anti-operation column in the harsh environment, after soliciting the requirements of the owners, changed the shell!

Three: After the shell is changed, add a rain cover on the left and right upper parts! This way, prevent the three defense operation columns from being hit by wind and rain!

Four: The components on the panel must also pay attention. There are cables inside, regular maintenance

1. Use Surface Mount System to install electron component. High quality stable and more quality consistency.

2. Pass germany TUV testing, have EMC and LVD certificate.

3. The AC input power voltage is made between 85V to 240V. So it could select AC input voltage automatically. You could work in AC USA 110V or AC europe 220-240V.

4. CEL: Cellulose electrode is special electrode to lay big pipe on oil and chemical industry, natural gas, electric power, civil pipeline of oil, gas, water. They need high ilder voltage (more than 90V). This machine could do

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