What are the common types of submersible pumps?

Since the last century, pumps as a general machinery, its use and use of a more extensive range. With the development and evolution of the pump, there have been a variety of pumps, submersible pump is the most important member of the pump industry, its family members are also very huge, because of this reason, to achieve the rapid growth of submersible pumps, then Through the most representative of the three types of submersible pumps to do a specific analysis. What are the common types of submersible pumps? 1, magnetic levitation pump: Maglev submersible pump to solve the problem of the development of the world's submersible pump axial force problems, submersible pump lift has been a breakthrough to fill the ultra-high lift and ultra-large flow submersible pump market gap, Head, the flow curve tends to be gentle. Its conversion efficiency, stand-alone head of the highest ranking among the world's leading position. 2, Submersible sewage pump: Submersible sewage pump is mainly used for municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, buildings, hotels, restaurants and other industries. For the delivery of solid and long fibers of sludge, wastewater, urban sewage. Submersible sewage pump small size, compact structure, high efficiency, according to user requirements for automatic water level control, and equipped with automatic protection devices and control cabinets, dual rail automatic installation system. 3, well with submersible pump: submersible pump is the motor and pump directly connected, the body submerged into the work of water lifting equipment, it is suitable for extraction of groundwater from deep wells, can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, drains and other water projects: the main use Irrigation in farmland and water for livestock and poultry in plateau mountainous areas can also be used for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites. Through the analysis of 3 types of submersible pumps we can understand that different types of submersible pumps use a different range, the effect is not the same, which will inevitably require customers in the product selection is to do related knowledge and data storage, a The quality of the product not only needs the product itself has the characteristics, but also need to make the best use of. Each product has its meaning of existence, the need is the user's methods and ways. Related articles: Submersible pump structure diagram Interpretation of submersible pumps Selection Guide submersible pump how to choose

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1. Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
2. Brand Name: HP
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4. Bathroom Faucet Accessory Type: Top Spout
5. Shower Head Feature: Rainfall Shower Heads,  Water Saving Shower Heads
6. Bathroom Faucet Spout Feature: Without Diverter
7. Shape: Square
8. Water Outlet: Massage
9. Bathroom Faucet Spout Type: Bath & Shower Spouts
10Function: multifunctional
11Style: contemporary
12Package:cloth bag  inner box outer  box

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1. Foam bag touched inside and 5 layers standard export carton
2. Inner box with customer's stickers 
3. Payment terms: 30% deposit
4. Delivery time: 25-35days 


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